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#812 : Death in Heaven ... Mort au paradis

Avec les Cybermen dans les rues de Londres, de vieux amis s'unissent contre de vieux ennemis et le Docteur prend l'air dans un nouveau rôle surprenant.


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Death in Heaven

Titre VF
Death in Heaven ... Mort au paradis

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Bande-annonce Tv officielle (Vo) 812

Bande-annonce Tv officielle (Vo) 812


Extra / Preview 812 - Casting Missy

Extra / Preview 812 - Casting Missy


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Preview épisode 812 - A Revelation


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Exclusive Inside Look 812


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Plus de détails

Ecrit par : Steven Moffat
Réalisé par : Rachel Talalay



  • Peter Capaldi ... Le Docteur
  • Jenna Coleman ... Clara Oswald
  • Samuel Anderson ... Danny Pink
  • Michelle Gomez ... Missy
  • Jemma Redgrave ... Kate Stewart
  • Ingrid Oliver ... Osgood
  • Sanjeev Bhaskar ... Colonel Ahme
  • Jeremiah Krage ... Cyberman
  • Nicholas Briggs ... Voix des Cybermen
  • Matt Smith ... Onzième Docteur (caméo)
  • Nick Frost ... Père Noël


Références et continuités

  • Osgood explique qu'ils ont un dossier sur le Maître et mentionne son mandat de Premier ministre dans Que tapent les tambours  (2008). De plus, le Docteur pense que l'avion de UNIT l'emmène sur le Valiant, le vaisseau où se déroule ce même épisode.
  • Après que Clara explique qu'elle est le Docteur, le générique intervertit les noms de Jenna Coleman et Peter Capaldi et affiche les yeux de Jenna Coleman à la place de ceux de Capaldi afin de faire croire que Clara est effectivement le Docteur.
  • Afin de prouver qu'elle est le Docteur, elle affirme avoir été mariée quatre fois ; donc, supposément à la grand-mère de Susan Foreman (An Unearthly Child), Marilyn Monroe (Le Fantôme des Noëls passés), River Song (Le Mariage de River Song), et Elizabeth I (Le Jour du Docteur ») ; et affirme également que tous ses enfants sont présumés disparus à l'exception de Jenny, sa fille génétique créée dans La Fille du Docteur.
  • Osgood porte une paire de Converse et un nœud papillon, en hommage aux 10e et 11e Docteurs qu'elle a rencontrés dans Le Jour du Docteur. Elle dit d'ailleurs la phrase "les nœuds papillons sont cools", un gimmick du 11e Docteur.
  • La tête de Cyberman que Kate balance par terre est issue de l'épisode The Invasion, (1968) qui mettait pour la première fois en scène U.N.I.T.. De plus, la scène où les Cybermen descendent les escaliers en face de la cathédrale Saint-Paul est une reprise quasi identique d'une scène de cet épisode classique. On peut aussi apercevoir une tête de Cyberman semblable à celle exposée au bunker de Henry van Statten que le 9e docteur visite dans Dalek.
  • Missy se révèle être la femme qui a donné le numéro du TARDIS à Clara au début  d'Enfermés dans la toile, et qui a et a fait en sorte qu'ils restent ensembles en plaçant une publicité dans le journal dans En apnée.
  • Quand Missy offre au Docteur le contrôle de la Cyber armée, on peut voir des flashbacks issus de Dans le ventre du Dalek (le Docteur demandant à Clara si il est un homme bon, Rusty lisant dans l'âme du Docteur), Le Gardien (Danny se moquant du caractère de général du Docteur) et Robot des Bois (le Docteur déclarant qu'il n'est pas un héros à Robin des bois).

CLARA: Danny Pink is dead.
DOCTOR: We're here to get your boyfriend back from the dead. Those are tombs. Water tombs. Why would anyone go to so much trouble?
SEB: You're dead and, and this is what's next.
DOCTOR: A Gallifreyan hard drive. Time Lord technology.
MISSY: Do you know the key strategic weakness of the human race? The dead outnumber the living.
DOCTOR: Who are you?
MISSY: Oh, you know who I am. I'm Missy. I couldn't very well keep calling myself The Master, now could I?

[Chang's office]

(Cyber Dr Skarosa stomps out of his cubicle, stops by his desk and turns, pointing his weapon at Clara, who was hiding behind it.)
CLARA: Stop! You can't kill me.
CLARA: I'm a target of strategic value. Alive, I'm a tactical advantage. Dead, I'm your biggest mistake.You don't know who I am.
(Cyber-Skarosa scans her with his chest disc.)
CYBER-SKAROSA: You are Clara Oswald. You are human. You are unimportant.
CLARA: Incorrect. You see, That is what you're supposed to think. That is what everybody thinks.
CYBER-SKAROSA: You are Clara Oswald.
CLARA: Clara Oswald is a cover story, a disguise. There is no Clara Oswald.
CLARA: Oh, don't be so slow, it's embarrassing. Who could fool you like this? Who could hide right under your nose? Who could change their face any time they want? Hmm. You see, I'm not Clara Oswald. Clara Oswald has never existed.
CLARA: I'm the Doctor.
(And just to try and convince us, they put Jenna's name first and her eyes in the opening titles instead of Peter's.)

[St Peters Hill]

MISSY: Look at them! My boys.
DOCTOR: Cybermen in broad daylight? You think people won't notice?
(They notice, and out come the smart phones to take the photographs. Missy unpins her hat and puts it on the ground at a Cyberman's feet.)
MISSY: Photos with the big metal men, one pound.
(Several coins are thrown into her hat.)
MISSY: Oh, honey!
(One teenage lad takes a selfie of himself, a Cyberman and his girlfriend.)
BOY: There you go.
GIRL Oh, cool. Cool!
(Suddenly the location changes to Cardiff, between The Friary and Queen Street. You can tell because the steps have vanished and a Travelodge and shopping area have appeared, with Live Lounge on the corner.)
MISSY: New York. Paris. Rome. Marrakesh. Brisbane. Glasgow. Everywhere. Anywhere. Me and my boys. We're going viral.
(Missy shows him on her steampunk style smart phone.)
OSGOOD: Would you like me to take a picture? Sorry, selfies are never as good, are they? And you're having a lovely moment. Hang on!
(Osgood snatches Missy's 'phone'. The Doctor grabs Missy's arm.)
MISSY: No, just
DOCTOR: Nice bow tie.
OSGOOD: Bow ties are cool. Big smiles, and now!
(Weapons are taken from pushchairs and backpacks. Soldiers come out of the buildings on both sides.)
SOLDIERS: Move, move, move! Stand by. Surround target. Hold back!
(Once the scene is secure, a blonde woman walks up holding something behind her back.)
KATE: Afternoon. You've picked a lovely day for it. My, don't you look shiny. (to the Doctor) Haircut?
DOCTOR: Bit of a trim.
KATE: Might want to do your roots. The woman.
SOLDIER: Yes, ma'am.
(Missy is held by two soldiers. Kate Lethbridge Stewart addresses the serried ranks of Cybermen.)
KATE: Kate Stewart. Divorcee, mother of two, keen gardener, outstanding bridge player. Also Chief Scientific Officer, Unified Intelligence Taskforce, who currently have you surrounded.
CYBERMAN: Human weaponry is not effective against Cyber technology.
KATE: Sorry, you left this behind on one of your previous attempts.
(She throws down a battered Mondas Cyberman head. A soldier brings the Doctor forward to stand next to her.)
KATE: So now that I have your attention, welcome to the only planet in the universe where we get to say this. He's on the payroll.
KATE: Well, technically.
DOCTOR: How much?
KATE: Shush. Any questions?
(As one, the Cybermen thump the blue disc in the middle of their chests and stamp their feet on the ground. Dust is blown everywhere as little engines in their feet start up. Missy smiles.)
SOLDIER: Back, back, everyone, back!
(The Cybermen zoom up into the air, and out of sight. Osgood turns around to see the lead covering of the dome of St Pauls peeling back like a Chocolate Orange.)
OSGOOD: Oh, my God! Is it supposed to do that? Is that new?
DOCTOR: A sun roof on Saint Paul's? Yes, I'd say that was new.
KATE: There's going to be mass panic. Everyone in London can see that.
(More Cybermen fly out of the dome.)
DOCTOR: Everyone in London just clapped and went whee. Hush, I'm trying to count.
OSGOOD: Eighty seven, I think. OCD.
MISSY: Ninety one. Queen of evil.
KATE: How could Saint Paul's be full of ninety one Cybermen and nobody noticed?
DOCTOR: Dimensional engineering. One space folded inside another. Bigger on the inside. Easy if you're a Time Lord.
OSGOOD: Mostly deploying south, a smaller number east.
DOCTOR: Yep, but one straight up.
OSGOOD: So ninety one isn't a coincidence?
DOCTOR: Of course it isn't.
(He takes Missy's 'phone' from Osgood.)
KATE: Osgood? Ninety one. Explain.
OSGOOD: Ninety one areas of significant population density in the British Isles.
DOCTOR: That's one Cyberman for every city and major town. It's happening everywhere, all over the world, right now.
MISSY: Sweet planet, this. I think I might keep it.
KATE: One Cyberman per city. What could they hope to accomplish?
OSGOOD: Doctor!
(The Cyberman that flew straight up has detonated itself.)
KATE: Has it exploded?
MISSY: More than that. Cybermen don't just blow themselves up for no good reason, dear. They're not human.
DOCTOR: If it's not exploding, what's it doing?
MISSY: Pollinating. Falling like rain into the cracks of the Earth.


(The Gallifreyan hard drive goes dark. In the Nethersphere, the lights are starting to go out. Seb joins Danny and the Iraqi/Afghani boy.)
SEB: Well, this is a bit exciting!
DANNY: What's happening?
SEB: Well, to cut a long story short, it looks like we might all be going home.
DANNY: Home? From the afterlife?
SEB: Well, when I said afterlife, I was being a tiny bit poetic. And Nethersphere's just a cool name we come up with during a spit-ball.
DANNY: What is this place?
SEB: Well, you have to think of it as a data cloud. You know, for storing data. In this case, it's the storage of recently deceased minds.
DANNY: We're in a cloud?
SEB: A sort of cloud, yeah.
DANNY: And what's happening to it?
SEB: What happens to any cloud when it starts to rain.
DANNY: Are you telling me we're going back? What, back to our bodies?
SEB: And the extra good news is, there's been a bit of an upgrade.

[St Peters Hill]

MISSY: The dead are coming home, Doctor. All shiny and new. In twenty four hours the human race as you know it will cease to exist.
DOCTOR: What are you doing? Explain. Tell me now.
(A soldier fires a dart into Missy's neck and she crumples at the knees.)
MISSY: Oh! That was nice. Must do it again.
DOCTOR: No. No, no, no, no, I need to talk to her! I need her awake.
(The Doctor gets sedated too, but he manages to remove the dart before collapsing. Two soldiers gently lower him to the ground.)
DOCTOR: Argh! No. No, no. Stupid. Stupid! No, no. Argh!
(Osgood kneels over the Doctor. Kate phones in the situation.)
KATE: The first protocol is implemented. We're good to go.
OSGOOD: You just have to let it take you.
(The Doctor pulls her close and whispers in her ear before finally passing out.)
KATE: What did he say?
OSGOOD: He said, guard the graveyards.


(Thunder crashes in the black Cyber-cloud hanging over a very neat walled Cemetery. The gates are shut to keep the public out.)
TEENAGE BOY: That's weird. Look at that.
(Rain pours down on the graves and mausoleums.
TEENAGE BOY: How come it's only raining inside the graveyard?

[Chaplet Funeral Home]

(At 21 Wardour Row, in a nod to Dorothea 'Dodo' Chaplet, whom the First Doctor left in Fitzroy Square back in 1966. Water runs down the gutters and rises up from the drains.
Down in the preparation room, an undertaker is watching the television.)
NEWS REPORT: We are being told that these metal men are known as Cybermen, but unlike the accounts we have on file, they now have the ability to fly. Similar reports are coming in from all over the world. Flying Cybermen are here on a global scale. Ministers are telling us
(The man gets down from his high stool and stands in water which is covering the tiled floor. He looks up but the sprinkler system isn't leaking.)
NEWS REPORT: To remain calm. 'These Cybermen don't seem to be attacking us, at least not in any conventional fashion. Eyewitnesses have reported seeing them flying into the sky 
(A drop of water runs up the wall, then something bangs inside one of the refrigeration drawers, and another, as if the recently departed want to get out.)
GRAHAM: Hello? Hello?
(One of the bodies covered by a sheet on a preparation table sits up. A blue light glows through the cloth. It is pulled off, and Graham runs from the Cyberman. It stands, sees its reflection, and stares, then touches its face in wonderment. Finally it goes to the clipboard Graham has left on the desk and rips off the top page, which has Known As Danny Pink written in the corner.)

[Airplane hangar]

(The Tardis is being hoisted into the air to be loaded onto a jet aircraft.) 
MAN: Right. Be careful with it. Be careful. Take your time.
(The Doctor is leaning back on a box trolley with his hands cuffed behind his back. A man gives him another injection. He wakes with a start and stands.)
DOCTOR: Kate? What's with the handcuffs?
KATE: I'm sorry. In the event of an alien incursion on this scale, protocols are in place. Your co-operation is to be ensured and your unreliability assumed. You have a history.
DOCTOR: You don't have a future without me. Do you think your father would've done this?
KATE: We both know he absolutely would.
(Still unconscious Missy is wheeled in on her box trolley.)
KATE: Who is she?
DOCTOR: Long story. Where's Clara?
KATE: Clara Oswald, your assistant?
DOCTOR: My friend. She was with me in Saint Paul's.
KATE: The team's still on site but they've been unable to gain access to the building.
DOCTOR: I want her found and brought here. I need her with me.
KATE: Then give the order. As soon as you're on board Boat One your word is law. Quite literally.
(They go up the steps with the UNIT logo on them to the airplane. The Doctor stops halfway and looks around.)
DOCTOR: You got the Tardis out, though?
KATE: Yes, and Saint Paul's locked down.

[Main cabin]

(Long conference table, chairs, monitors etc.)
DOCTOR: Where are we going? Cloudbase?
KATE: You mean the Valiant?
OSGOOD: Cloudbase was Thunderbirds.
KATE: Too conspicuous. We need your location concealed, not advertised. From now on you're a moving target.
(The Doctor looks at a portrait of Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart on the bulkhead.)
DOCTOR: Ah, I see you're bringing Daddy along, too. That's very sweet.
(An Indian Army officer salutes the Doctor.)
DOCTOR: Oh, don't do that. You look like you're self-concussing, which would explain all of military history, now I think about it.
AHMED: Colonel Ahmed, sir. Privileged to meet you.
DOCTOR: Love your outfit, Colonel Ahmed. Are you in the Scouts? Are you a Man Scout? I didn't know they had those.
(The Doctor walks away to get a hot drink from the sideboard. Osgood walks past Ahmed.)
AHMED: It was Captain Scarlet.
OSGOOD: Sorry?
AHMED: Not Thunderbirds.
OSGOOD: Oh God, so it was,
DOCTOR: My confidence is growing every minute.
(Kate informs the cockpit of their status.)
KATE: The President is on board.
DOCTOR: Mind you, me and Sylvia Anderson, you've never seen a foxtrot like it. Hang on a second. The President? We don't want Americans bobbing around the place. They'll only start praying.
AHMED: Not the President of America, sir. The President of Earth.
(The Doctor sits at the head of the table and puts a large quantity of sugar lumps into his cup of frothy coffee.)
DOCTOR: There isn't one.
AHMED: There is now.
KATE: The incursion protocols have been agreed internationally. In the event of full-scale invasion, an Earth President is inducted immediately, with complete authority over every nation state. There was only one practical candidate.
DOCTOR: That's your answer for everything, isn't it? Vote for an idiot.
KATE: If you say so, Mister President. So long as you're on this plane, you're the Commander in Chief of every army on Earth. Every world leader is currently awaiting your instructions. You are the Chief Executive Officer of the human race. Any questions?
CAPTAIN [OC]: This is your captain speaking. Please prepare for take-off.
(The Doctor looks around, jaw dragging on the floor.)


(Clara is confronted by three Cybermen.)
CLARA: Well, gentlemen. Where to start? I was born on the planet Gallifrey, in the constellation of Kasterborous. I'm a Time Lord, but my Prydonian privileges were revoked when I stole a time capsule and ran away. Currently pilot a Type 40 Tardis. I've been married four times, all deceased. My children and grandchildren are missing, and I assume, dead. I have a non-Gallifreyan daughter created via genetic transfer. How much more do you need? I'm the Doctor.
CYBER-SKAROSA: This information is not proof. We require proof.
CLARA: How about my name?
CLARA: Well, my name isn't Doctor, is it? I don't even really have a doctorate. Well, Glasgow University, but then I accidentally graduated in the wrong century, so technically
CYBER-SKAROSA: This information cannot be confirmed.
(Another Cyberman walks up behind Clara.)
CYBERMAN: You are Clara Oswald.
CLARA: Ah, no. I'm not!
CYBERMAN: Your deception is intended to prolong your life.
CYBER-SKAROSA: Your presence has not been ordered.
CYBERMAN: Correct. You are Clara Oswald.
CLARA: Oh, seriously, this is getting old. Look, there is no Clara Oswald. I invented her. I made her up.
CYBERMAN: Born 23rd November, 1986.
CLARA: Yeah, I chose that date. Always liked it.
CYBERMAN: Father, David James Oswald. Mother, Elena Alison Oswald.
CLARA: Stories. Stories. Stories. I made them up. Look, ask anybody who knows me. I am an incredible liar.
(The Cyberman lowers his head to look her in the eyes.)
CYBERMAN: Correct.
(He knocks her out with a zap from his right hand.)
CYBER-SKAROSA: No order was given.
CYBERMAN: Correct.
CYBER-SKAROSA: You are not under Cyber control.
(The Cyberman blasts Skarosa and the other two into pieces.)
CYBERMAN: Correct.
(We are given a view of a piece of paper in the Cyberman's left hand, with Known As Danny Pink written on it.)

[Cargo hold]

(Converted into Osgood's laboratory. Missy wakes up on her box trolley, next to the Tardis. There are two soldiers behind her. Osgood is working a little way away.)
DOCTOR: Why are you still alive?
MISSY: You saved me.
DOCTOR: I saved Gallifrey.
MISSY: Yes, Gallifrey too, I suppose. There's always collateral damage with you and me. It's our Paris.
DOCTOR: Gallifrey's lost in another dimension.
MISSY: Yes and no.
DOCTOR: Meaning?
MISSY: Yes, it's in another dimension. No, it's not lost.
DOCTOR: You know where it is?
MISSY: Yep! You know the best part about knowing? (sotto) Not telling you.
AHMED [OC]: Mister President, sir, we're ready for you up here.
DOCTOR: Remember all those years when all you wanted to do was to rule the world? On my way.
AHMED [OC]: Thank you, Mister President.
DOCTOR: Piece of cake.
(He goes to see what Osgood is working on.)
OSGOOD: Oh, er, it's her little device thingy. I thought there might be useful information on it. Who is she?
DOCTOR: You'd never believe me if I told you.
OSGOOD: Cos I thought she might be the Master, regenerated into female form? Your childhood friend, responsible for a number of previous incursions.
DOCTOR: That was fairly quick.
OSGOOD: We do have files on all our ex-prime ministers. She wasn't even the worst. Doctor, there's something nobody's talking about.
DOCTOR: Which is?
OSGOOD: The clouds caused by the exploding Cybermen, they haven't dispersed. They're still there. In fact, they've expanded and are covering almost all the land masses. We're all looking at the graveyards. Maybe we should be looking up? What do you think?
DOCTOR: All of time and space?
OSGOOD: Sorry?
DOCTOR: Just something for your bucket list.
(Osgood takes a breath from her asthma inhaler and her eyes sparkle. Meanwhile, Missy is picking her handcuffs.)

[Main cabin]

NEWS REPORT: Localised rain in the cemeteries has resulted in what can only be described as disturbances to the soil. Extraordinary eyewitness accounts are claiming that silver creatures are climbing from the graves.
(Other people, both military and civilian, are also at this briefing.)
KATE: These scenes are being repeated everywhere. Every cemetery, every mortuary, every funeral home, every hospital, the dead are returning to life as Cybermen.
NEWS REPORT: The public are being advised to stay away from all cemeteries.


(Clara wakes amongst old headstones, and stands as thunder rumbles overhead. She puts on her coat and walks past graves where the gravel covering is starting to move, pushed from below.)
CLARA: Hello? Hello?
(An urn topples over as a hand is pushed out of the ground. Someone who died in 1748 reaches up to their headstone.)

[Main cabin]

KATE: We've done heat scans of some of the cemeteries and, in each case only a handful of Cybermen have so far emerged. But every individual burial site is active.
AHMED: Active?
DOCTOR: Hatching.
KATE: More are coming. Potentially millions.
AHMED: So the rain caused all that in just a few hours?
DOCTOR: It wasn't rain, Man Scout. It was pollen. Cyber-pollen. Every tiny particle of a Cyberman contains the plans to make another Cyberman. All it has to do is to make a contact with compatible living organic matter and bang! Full conversion. But if they have learned how to convert the dead.
(He looks at the monitor showing Missy down in the Cargo Hold.)
DOCTOR: That's what she was doing. That's what 3W was for. She creates an all-new paranoia among the super-rich about dying. She exploits the wealth and the mortal remains of selected idiots so she can create a whole new race of Cybermen. Cybermen who can recruit corpses. Throw away your guns, Man Scout, it's all over. How can you win a war against an enemy that can weaponise the dead?
(Clara backs away from a Cyberman that is forcing its way out from underneath its monument. Then she sees all the others rising from their graves and stepping out of their mausoleums.)
AHMED: They're not attacking, apart from isolated incidents. They're just wandering about.
DOCTOR: They're newborns. Give them time. Why were you there this morning? Why were you already attacking?
KATE: Been investigating 3W for a while, then we got a tip-off.
AHMED: From a woman with a Scottish accent.
DOCTOR: Can't play to the gallery unless there's a gallery, and here I am.
(Missy sticks her tongue out.)
DOCTOR: Dead bodies don't have minds, of course, but she's been upgrading dying minds to a hard drive for a long time. So she upgrades the hardware, and then she updates the software.
KATE: What do you mean, a long time? How long?
DOCTOR: Well, she must have a Tardis somewhere, so as long as she likes. The past, the future 
KATE: How long, Doctor?
DOCTOR: How long has the human race had a concept of an afterlife? Turns out the afterlife is real, and it's emptying. Every graveyard on planet Earth is about to burst its banks.

[Cargo hold]

(As Boat One flies above the clouds, Missy sings her own version of Mickey by Toni Basil.)
MISSY: (sings) Hey, Missy, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind. Hey, Missy. Hey. (speaks.) Excuse me. Hi. Can I tell you something really important?
MISSY: (sotto) I have to whisper it. It's, like, so important to everyone on this plane. You'll get in trouble if you don't listen.
OSGOOD: Right. If it was that important, why would you tell us?
MISSY: Well, look at me, I'm bananas. (sotto) Come on. Just a wee bit closer. Just a little closer. (normal) You know, the Doctor will be really impressed if you learn my secret. You can come a bit closer than that. Come on, stop mucking about. Don't be shy. You don't smell half as bad as you think you do.
OSGOOD: There are two armed men directly behind you.
MISSY: (sotto) Yeah, yeah, yeah.
OSGOOD: If you've got something to say, just say it.
MISSY: Ahem.
(Osgood leans in to listen.)
MISSY: (sotto) I'm going to kill you in a minute. I'm not even kidding. You're going to be as dead as a fish on a slab any second now, all floppy and making smells. But don't tell the boys. This is our secret girl plan.
OSGOOD: Why would you bother killing me? I'm not even important.
MISSY: Oh, silly. Why does one pop a balloon? Because you're pretty. You should have a bit more confidence in yourself.
OSGOOD: Okay. Sorry, I've got work to do.
MISSY: All right, fine. You get on. You get that finished. Would a countdown help you focus at all?
OSGOOD: No, that's okay.
MISSY: Ten. Don't be scared yet, cos I'm still in double figures.
OSGOOD: I'm not scared.
MISSY: Nine. Well, no, of course you're not, cos you know you're dying anyway. Eight. Human beings are born dying.Your life spans are hilarious.
OSGOOD: Please be quiet.
MISSY: Seven. You know from the minute you slop out, you're rotting, decaying. The stench of you. Phew. I'm never going to get this place clean. Three.
OSGOOD: Three?
MISSY: I'm accelerating for dramatic effect. Oh! What's that in your pocket?
OSGOOD: There's nothing in my pocket
(Osgood reaches into her lab coat pocket and pulls out a pair of handcuffs.)
MISSY: Oh my giddy aunt. The quiet ones are the worst.
OSGOOD: Well, those aren't mine.
(Missy applies red lipstick.)
MISSY: Then they must be mine.
(In the blink of an eye, she has her arm around Osgood's throat, grabbed her thingy from the desk and vaporised the two soldiers.)
MISSY: Say something nice.
OSGOOD: Missy, the Master, whatever you call yourself, I promise, I'm much more useful to you alive.
MISSY: Oh, yeah, that's true. That's definitely true. That is a good point well made. I'm proud of you, sister. But did I mention bananas! Pop.
(Missy vaporises Osgood.)
MISSY: Ah. Thanks for being yummy.
(She steps on Osgood's spectacles, crushing the lenses. Then she uses her bracelet to make the airplane start swerving.)
MISSY: Whoo-oo!

[Main cabin]

KATE: Mister President, you need to get back in your seat.
DOCTOR: I don't like being the president. People keep saluting. I'm never going to salute back.
(The Doctor inhales the fragrance of a lily he has taken from a vase in front of the Brigadier's portrait.)
KATE: Do you know, that was always my dad's big ambition, to get you to salute him just once.
DOCTOR: He should've asked.
KATE: Doctor, what are you looking at?
DOCTOR: The clouds. Still there. So what else have they got?
(A silver face appears at the porthole. 11 Oct 1963 - Nightmare at 20,000 feet Twilight Zone episode starring William Shatner, anyone?)
KATE: Oh, dear Lord!
DOCTOR: There's a Cyberman out there on the fuselage. But on the plus side, it's not turbulence.
(Then he looks at the monitor showing the laboratory.)
DOCTOR: She's out. Who let her out?
AHMED: What's it doing? Where did it go? What can one Cyberman do to a plane?
(It is not just one Cyberman.)

[Cargo hold]

(The Doctor slides down the ladder and discovers Osgood's broken spectacles. Missy comes out from behind the Tardis.)
MISSY: Oh, she was really scared. It's classic. Have you got any more friends I can play with?


(Clara picks her way past bewildered newly-risen Cybermen.)
CYBERMEN: Locate hive. Locate hive. Locate hive. Locate hive.  
(She sees one looking straight at her. It's chest disc is dark. Then it turns its back on her. She runs over.)
CLARA: Are you the one that brought me here?
CYBERMAN: Affirmative.
CLARA: So you know who I am, right?
(It turns to face her.)
CYBERMAN: You are not the Doctor.
CLARA: Of course I'm not the Doctor. I was lying to stay alive. But how do I know so much about him?
(The Cyberman is still clutching the piece of paper.)
CYBERMAN: You are his associate.
CLARA: No, I'm not. I'm not his associate. I'm his best friend. Right now, his best friend, anywhere in the universe. Have you got any sort of Cyber-Internet in there because, really, you should look it up. Look up what happens to you if you harm me.
CYBERMAN: Where is the Doctor?
CLARA: What, you think I would give up the Doctor? Don't be daft. I would never, ever, give up the Doctor, because he is my best friend, too. He is the closest person to me in this whole world. He is the man I will always forgive, always trust. The one man I would never, ever lie to.
(The Cyberman points its weapon at her, but its hand shakes so it lowers it and removes its face plate. No surprises for us, just for Clara.)
CLARA: Danny?
(He drops the screwed up paper from the funeral home.)
CYBER-DANNY: Danny Pink is dead. Help me.
CLARA: Oh, my God. Danny
CLARA: Danny, I am so sorry.
CYBER-DANNY: Help me. I need you to do something for me. I can't do it myself.
(He takes the cover off his chest disc.)
CLARA: What is that?
CYBER-DANNY: It's an inhibitor. It's not activated. I need you to switch it on.
CLARA: What does it inhibit?
CYBER-DANNY: Emotion. It deletes emotions. Please. I don't want to feel like this.

[Main cabin]

AHMED: There's more than one.
KATE: What?
AHMED: They're all over the plane. They're pulling it apart!

[Cargo hold]

(Missy is enjoying the rough ride.)
MISSY: Oh, oooh. Ask me.
DOCTOR: Shut up!
MISSY: Ask me! Come on, you know you want to. You want to know what my plan is. You'll be surprised. I've got a gift for you. You know, I've been up and down your timeline, meeting all those silly people who died to keep you alive. And you know what I worked out? What you really need.
DOCTOR: For what?
MISSY: To know that you're just like me!
(The Tardis phone rings.)
MISSY: Oh, and now it begins. Doctor, I do believe you're on call. Miss Oswald expects. Who else but the girl who's got your number? Whoops!
DOCTOR: It was you!
(He remembers answering the phone in The Bells of St John.)
CLARA [memory]: Ah, hello.
DOCTOR 11 [memory]: Where did you get this number?
CLARA [memory]: The woman in the shop wrote it down. It's a helpline, isn't it?
MISSY: (Cockney) Computer helpline, love. That's the one. Best helpline in the universe.
DOCTOR: You put us together.
MISSY: I kept you together.
(Back to Deep Breath.)
CLARA [memory]: Who put that advert in the paper?
DOCTOR [memory]: Who gave you my number?
CLARA [memory]: The woman. The woman in the shop.
DOCTOR [memory]: Then there's a woman out there who's very keen that we stay together.
MISSY: Cos she's perfect, innit? The control freak and the man who should never be controlled. You'd go to hell if she asked. And she would. The phone's ringing, Doctor. Can you hear that? Now that is the sound of your chain being yanked. Heel, Doctor! (as Clara) Help me, Doctor. Help me. Help me, Doctor.
(The Doctor answers the phone.)
DOCTOR: Clara?


CLARA: Doctor. With Danny.

[Cargo hold]

DOCTOR: Danny's dead, Clara.
CLARA [OC]: Not yet.


CLARA: Not quite. But he wants to be.
DOCTOR [OC]: Clara 
(Danny is crying nearby.)

[Cargo hold]

DOCTOR: Clara?


CLARA: He's a Cyberman.

[Cargo hold]

CLARA [OC]: Doctor, Danny's a Cyberman.


CLARA: And he's crying. Doctor, he feels it. He's crying.

[Main cabin]

(Kate grabs the phone as Cybermen hammer on the portholes.)
KATE: Message to Geneva. Tell them Boat One is going down. We don't anticipate survivors.
(One breaks through and grabs Ahmed around the neck. The decompression alarm sounds, then he is sucked outside.)


DOCTOR: Clara, don't do it. Just don't do it!


CLARA: It's in his chest. He says it's an inhibitor. It can delete emotion or something.

[Cargo hold]

DOCTOR: I know what it does. If you turn it on


DOCTOR [OC]: He'll become a Cyberman.
CLARA: He's already a Cyberman.

[Cargo hold]

DOCTOR: Not yet, he isn't.


CLARA: He's hurting because I hurt him and he wants it to stop.
DOCTOR [OC]: Stop the pain and he'll kill you!
CLARA: Look, are you going to help me, because I can't do this alone.

[Cargo hold]

DOCTOR: I'm not going to help you commit suicide.


CLARA: Look, the Tardis can home in on this call, right? Either you help me, or you leave me alone.

[Cargo hold]

DOCTOR: Clara? Clara, no  
(But she has thrown the phone away.)


(Clara is fiddling inside the chest disc in the gloom.)
CLARA: There's a lot of switches round the edge. I'm just going to try pressing them all.
CLARA: I am so sorry.

[Cargo hold]

KATE: Doctor! The Cybermen are in. The plane's going down.
MISSY: Oh, great. It's the daughter one. Do you like her? I like her.
(Kate grabs onto a cargo strap as Missy makes the airplane veer sharply. The Doctor grabs another one. Then Missy opens the cargo hatch and Kate is sucked out, screaming.)
KATE: Aaaaaargh!
DOCTOR: Why did you do that? You didn't have to do that!
MISSY: Oh, don't be so selfish. I'm going to miss her, too. In fact, you know what? Just for that, I'm leaving. Boys, blow up this plane and, I don't know, Belgium, yeah? Kill some Belgians. Might as well. They're not even French. Byeeee!
(Missy teleports herself away. The Doctor is hanging on for dear life.)
DOCTOR: Aaah! Aaah!
(The airplane goes KaBOOM!)
DOCTOR: Argh! Argh!
(The Doctor freefalls.)


(Missy and Seb watch him fall on a holo-screen.)
MISSY: Well, that's very boring. Oh, he's just going to squish. What kind of a way is that to die? That man has no finesse, none.
SEB: Well, it's quite dramatic.
MISSY: You're an AI interface. Kindly delete your opinions, thank you.
(The Doctor reaches into his inside coat pocket.)
SEB: W-w-what's he doing? Is he? Is he? Oh, no! Oh, no, no, no. N-now, that's
(The Doctor aims himself at something below. He breaks through the clouds and the city lights shine beneath him. And up comes the Tardis.)
SEB: Oh! Permission to squeeeee
(Missy deletes Seb. Permanently. The Doctor arrives at the Tardis, holding the key out in front of him. A few moments later the Tardis bounces up through the dark clouds, engines working.)


CLARA: Two more to go. Does it feel any different?
(The Tardis materialises nearby.)
CLARA: Are you sure?
(The Tardis door opens and shuts.)
DOCTOR: Clara, don't!
(The other Cybermen are standing around, watching.)
CLARA: Help me.
DOCTOR: If you do what you're trying to do, if you succeed, he will snap you.
DOCTOR: Then he will step over your broken body and break another and another and another. He will never stop.
CYBER-DANNY: I will not harm her.
DOCTOR: I had a friend once. We ran together when I was little. And I thought we were the same. But when we grew up, we weren't. Now, she's trying to tear the world apart, and I can't run fast enough to hold it together. The difference is this.
(The Doctor puts his hand over Danny's chest disc.)
DOCTOR: Pain is a gift. Without the capacity for pain, we can't feel the hurt we inflict.
CYBER-DANNY: Are you telling me seriously, for real, that you can?
DOCTOR: Of course I can.
CYBER-DANNY: Then shame on you, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Yes. Oh, yes.
(The dark clouds rumble overhead.)
DOCTOR: Danny, Danny, I need you to tell me. What are the clouds going to do? What is the plan?
CYBER-DANNY: How would I know?
DOCTOR: You're part of a hive mind now. Presumably that's how you found Clara. Just look.
CYBER-DANNY: I can't see much.
DOCTOR: Look harder.
CYBER-DANNY: Clara, watch this. This is who the Doctor is. Watch the blood-soaked old general in action. I can't see properly, sir, because this needs activating. If you want to know what's coming, you have to switch it on. And didn't all of those beautiful speeches just disappear in the face of a tactical advantage? Sir.
DOCTOR: (sighs) I need to know. I need to know.
CYBER-DANNY: (sotto) Yes. (normal) Yes, you do.
CLARA: Give me the screwdriver.
CLARA: Just do it, Doctor. Do as you are told.
(The Doctor meets Cyber-Danny's gaze then gives Clara the sonic screwdriver.)
CYBER-DANNY: Typical officer. Got to keep those hands clean.
(The Doctor walks away.)
CLARA: Just point and think, yeah?
CLARA: Okay. I wasn't very good at it, but I did love you.
CYBER-DANNY: I love you too.
CLARA: I'm never going to say that again.
CYBER-DANNY: Me neither.
CLARA: Ready?
(Clara cries.)
CLARA: I feel like I'm killing you.
CYBER-DANNY: I'm already dead. You're here this time at least.
CLARA: Goodbye, Danny.
CYBER-DANNY: Goodbye, Clara.
(She activates the screwdriver. Danny's face goes blank and he straightens up. Clara turns off the screwdriver and goes to hug him.)
DOCTOR: Clara, no! Step away! He's activating! Clara, step away now! Don't. Danny. Danny, if you can hear me, if you're still there, what are the clouds going to do?
CYBER-DANNY: The rain will fall again. All humanity will die.
DOCTOR: And rise again as Cybermen.
DOCTOR: How do we stop it?
CYBER-DANNY: We cannot be stopped.
(Missy beams herself in as Mary Poppins, floating gently to the ground under her umbrella.)
MISSY: Oh, that was brilliant! Oh, I love the telly here, but did you see that? Oh, Clara, you poor thing. You must feel like death. Let me pop away the pain.
(Missy starts to tap at her thingy. The Doctor grabs it and throws it away.)
DOCTOR: Don't you dare! Don't you think about it!
MISSY: Oh, sorry, hon, I'm just getting a bit carried away. It's your friends, they're so more-ish. Hmm?
(Clara picks up Missy's thingy and returns to Cyber-Danny's manly metal chest.)
MISSY: Oh, stop looking all cross-pants. I'm here to give you a gift. Could you at least try and be excited?
DOCTOR: What gift?
(Missy speaks into her bracelet.)
MISSY: Cyberdears!
(The Cybermen come to attention and play her game of Simon Says.)
MISSY: Look at Mummy! Raise your arms. Lower your arms. Raise your right. Lower your right. Turn on the spot. There are exits at the front and rear of the aircraft. Please follow the lights up the aisle. You see, Doctor? The power to slaughter whole worlds at a time, then make them do a safety briefing. Everyone who ever lived, man, woman and child, is now at my command. An indestructible army to rage across the universe. The more they kill, the more they recruit. Happy birthday. Oh! You didn't know, did you? It's lucky one of us remembers these things. Happy birthday (as Marilyn Monroe) Mister President.
(She puts her control bracelet on the Doctor's wrist then backs away and curtsys.)
(The Cybermen bow their heads to him.)
MISSY: Tiny bit pleased? Oh, go on, crack a smile. I want to see if your eyebrows drop off.
DOCTOR: All of this. All of it, just to give me an army?
MISSY: Well, I don't need one, do I? Armies are for people who think they're right. And nobody thinks they're righter than you. Give a good man firepower, and he'll never run out of people to kill.
DOCTOR: I don't want an army!
MISSY: Well, that's the trouble! Yes, you do! You've always wanted one! All those people suffering in the Dalek camps? Now you can save them. All those bad guys winning all the wars? Go and get the good guys back.
DOCTOR: Nobody can have that power.
MISSY: You will, because you don't have a choice. There's only way you can stop these clouds from opening up and killing all your little pets down here. Conquer the universe, Mister President. Show a bad girl how it's done.
(Missy drops a deep curtsy. The Doctor rips the bracelet off.)
DOCTOR: Why are you doing this?
MISSY: I need you to know we're not so different. I need my friend back. Every battle, every war, every invasion. From now on, you decide the outcome. What's the matter, Mister President? Don't you trust yourself?
DOCTOR [memory]: Tell me. Am I a good man?
DANNY [memory]: (saluting) Sir!
RUSTY [memory]: I see into your soul, Doctor. I see hatred.
DOCTOR [memory]: (to Robin Hood) I'm not a hero.
DALEK [memory]: You are a good Dalek.
DOCTOR: Thank you. Thank you so much.
(He kisses Missy gently.)
DOCTOR: I really didn't know. I wasn't sure. You lose sight sometimes. Thank you! I am not a good man! I am not a bad man. I am not a hero. And I'm definitely not a president. And no, I'm not an officer. Do you know what I am? I am an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver. Just passing through, helping out, learning. I don't need an army. I never have, because I've got them. Always them. Because love, it's not an emotion. Love is a promise.
(Cyber-Danny puts his arm around Clara.)
DOCTOR: And he will never hurt her. P E, catch!  
(The control bracelet lands in Cyber-Danny's hand.)
DOCTOR: You didn't notice, did you? While you were doing all your silly orders, while you where showing off, the one soldier not obeying.
MISSY: No, that's wrong. That's impossible.
CYBER-DANNY: The rain will not fall.
(He lets go of Clara and puts on the control bracelet as he walks towards Missy.)
MISSY: Oh? Why won't it?
CYBER-DANNY: The clouds will burn.
MISSY: And who'll burn them?
CYBER-DANNY: I will burn them.
CYBER-DANNY: I will burn.
MISSY: One burning Cyberman is hardly going to save the planet.
(He speaks into the bracelet.)
CYBER-DANNY: Attention!
(The Cyber-Army spring to attention.)
CYBER-DANNY: This is not a good day. This is Earth's darkest hour. And look at you miserable lot. We are the Fallen. But today, we shall rise. The army of the dead will save the land of the living. This is not the order of a general, nor the whim of a lunatic.
MISSY: Excuse me?
CYBER-DANNY: This is a promise. The promise of a soldier! (to Clara) You will sleep safe tonight.
(Cyber-Danny ignites his rocket boots and rises from the ground. All the Cybermen do the same. They fly off into the clouds and explode, burning them away and letting the sunshine through. London, New York, the night sky at Sydney clears in a roll of flame.)
CLARA: Well. The clouds have all gone.
DOCTOR: Yes, burned up. Totally burnt. Burnt to nothing. Sorry.
MISSY: Ten zero eleven, zero zero by zero two
DOCTOR: What did you say??
MISSY: The current coordinates of Gallifrey. It's returned to it's original location. Didn't you ever think to look?
DOCTOR: You are lying!
MISSY: We can, we can go together, just you and me. Just like the old days.
DOCTOR: You'd be clapped in irons.
MISSY: If you like.
CLARA: Doctor, I'm assuming you'll remember those coordinates?
(Clara holds out Missy's thingy towards her.)
DOCTOR: No. No, don't you dare. I won't let you.
CLARA: Old friend, is she? If you have ever let this creature live, everything that happened today, is on you. All of it, on you. And you're not going to let her live again.
DOCTOR: Clara, all I'm doing is not letting you kill her. I never said I was letting her live.
CLARA: Really?
DOCTOR: If that's the only thing that will stop you, yes.
(Clara hands over the thingy.)
MISSY: Seriously. Oh, Doctor. To save her soul? But who, my dear, will save yours? Say something nice. Please?
DOCTOR: You win.
MISSY: I know.
(The Doctor prepares to vaporise Missy, but another energy bolt gets there first. It was a Cyberman with a dark chest disc. It points to something lying amongst the gravestones.)
CLARA: Doctor!
(They run to where Kate is lying on the ground.)
DOCTOR: Kate. She's breathing! She's alive! She can't be here.
CLARA: She is.
DOCTOR: She fell out of a plane. The Cyberman must have caught her.
CLARA: Doctor, she's talking about her dad.
DOCTOR: Of course. The Earth's darkest hour and mine. Where else would you be?
(The Doctor salutes the spirit of Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart. It acknowledges with a bow of its head then blasts off into the wide blue yonder.)
DOCTOR: (sotto) Thank you.

[Clara's flat]

(Two weeks later. Clara is asleep when she hears a distant voice.)
DANNY [OC]: Clara. Clara.
CLARA: Danny? Danny? Is that you?
(She goes to the front door, where a soft white light is glowing.)
CLARA: Please say it's you.
DANNY [OC]: Clara.
CLARA: The Doctor told me about the bracelet, how it can let Missy travel from one world to the other.
DANNY [OC]: This place is dying now.
CLARA: Yes, but the bracelet can bring you home.
DANNY [OC]: There's only enough power for one trip.
CLARA: Then come on. Hurry up!
DANNY [OC]: Just one trip. One trip, one person.
(A figure starts to come through the light.)
CLARA: Danny!
(It is the boy in the football shirt, the one Danny killed all those years ago.)
DANNY [OC]: You need to find his parents. He died a long time ago.
(The boy takes a deep breath.)
DANNY [OC]: I'm sorry, Clara. (crying) I truly am. I had, I had promises to keep.
(The bracelet falls from the boy's wrist and the energy fizzles out. The white light fades away.)


(Clara is waiting at a table when the door opens. The Doctor sits down opposite her.)
DOCTOR: I got your message.
CLARA: Two weeks late.
DOCTOR: Not bad.
CLARA: Improving.
DOCTOR: I see you've got news for me.
CLARA: News?
(She is wearing the now defunct bracelet.)
DOCTOR: He figured it out then? P E figured out there was a way home.
CLARA: Yeah. Yeah, he did.
DOCTOR: Oh, good old P E. He'll make a maths teacher yet.
CLARA: Listen, Doctor. There's, there's something that I have to tell you and, er, it's not good news so just, just listen, okay?
DOCTOR: I know.
CLARA: Sorry?
DOCTOR: I know exactly what you've got to tell me.
CLARA: You do?
DOCTOR: You and Danny are together now. That's great. That's how it should be. But the old man and the blue box, that's never going to fit in. So no more flying around. No more lying.
CLARA: Okay, no, that's not exactly
DOCTOR: It's fine.
CLARA: No, it's not fine. It, it really isn't fine.
DOCTOR: I've found Gallifrey.
CLARA: Wow! Oh, my God,
(The Doctor sets the Tardis in flight to 10-0-11-00:02.)
DOCTOR: I entered the coordinates, just like she said. And I found Gallifrey. For once, she wasn't lying.
(The Doctor opens the Tardis door and looks out into the blackness of space. He shuts it again and walks back to the console, then hits it hard, repeatedly, making sparks fly.)
CLARA: So, what are you going to do now?
DOCTOR: Go home.
CLARA: Okay.
DOCTOR: Gallifrey can be a good place. I can help make it that.
CLARA: What, you?
DOCTOR: Shut up!
CLARA: You won't just steal a Tardis and run away?
DOCTOR: No, not this time. Never again.
(Clara looks at the Tardis through the window.)
CLARA: Never again.
DOCTOR: It's a long commute, so, you know, I thought, with you and Danny
CLARA: Yeah. Me and Danny. Me and Danny, we are going to be fine. Don't you worry. You go home. Go home. Go be a king or something.
DOCTOR: Yeah, I might do that.
CLARA: Or queen, you know. Whatever.
DOCTOR: Yeah, queen, that would be good too.
CLARA: Yeah. (big sigh) Tell you what, seeing as it's goodbye, shall we break a habit?
DOCTOR: What? What habit?
DOCTOR: Why not. Within reason.
(He stands up.)
DOCTOR: Come on, you're on the clock.
CLARA: Fair enough.
(So she stands and puts her arms around his neck, and he slowly puts his arms around her.)
CLARA: Why don't you like hugging, Doctor?
DOCTOR: Never trust a hug. It's just a way to hide your face.
CLARA: Yeah.

[Outside the Tardis]

CLARA: Doctor? Travelling with you made me feel really special. Thank you for that. Thank you for making me feel special.
DOCTOR: Thank you for exactly the same.
(He goes into the Tardis. It dematerialises without anyone paying any attention, and without kicking up any dust like it used to in the old days. Clara walks away. We roll the final credits but then get interrupted at the end of the cast list.)


(Knocking on the door.)
MAN [OC]: Coo-ee! Hello? Doctor? You know it can't end like that. Hmm? We need to get this sorted and quickly. She's not all right, you know. And neither are you. I'm coming in.
(The door opens to let in a flurry of snowflakes.)
MAN [OC]: Ah, there you are. I knew I'd get round to you eventually. Now, stop gawping, and tell me.
(We see that the speaker is a chunky silver bearded man in red fur trimmed cap and suit, with a pair of gold-rimmed spectacles half way down his nose.)
SANTA: What do you want for Christmas?



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