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#13.01 : Chapter One : The Halloween Apocalypse

A Halloween, partout dans l’univers, des forces terrifiantes s’agitent. Du cercle polaire arctique à l’espace lointain, un mal ancien se libère. Et dans le Liverpool d’aujourd’hui, la vie de Dan Lewis est sur le point de changer pour toujours. Pourquoi la Docteur est sur les traces du redoutable Karvanista ? Et qu’est-ce que le Flux ?

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Chapter One : The Halloween Apocalypse

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Chapter One : The Halloween Apocalypse

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L'Halloween de Dan: trick or treat?

L'Halloween de Dan: trick or treat?


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Dan découvre le Tardis

Dan découvre le Tardis

Diane Curtis (Nadia Albina)

Diane Curtis (Nadia Albina)



Steve Oram joue Joseph Williamson

Steve Oram joue Joseph Williamson

La Docteur en pleine réflexion

La Docteur en pleine réflexion

Annabel Scholey dans le rôle de Claire

Annabel Scholey dans le rôle de Claire

Un problème dans le Tardis ?

Un problème dans le Tardis ?

Dan Lewis (John Bishop)

Dan Lewis (John Bishop)



Yaz et Dan

Yaz et Dan

Nouvelle énigme pour la Docteur

Nouvelle énigme pour la Docteur

Dan et Diane

Dan et Diane


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Scénariste: Chris Chibnall

Réalisateur: Jamie Magnus Stone



Jodie Whittaker... Docteur

Mandip Gill... Yasmin Khan

John Bishop... Dan

Jacob Anderdon ... Vinder

Craige Els ... Karvanista

Steve Oram ... Joseph Williamson

Nadia Albina ... Diane Curtis

Sam Spruell ... Swarm

Rochenda Sandall ... Anna / Azure

Annabel Scholey ... Claire

Jonathan Watson ... Ritskaw

Dan Starkey ... Kragar

Matthew Needham ... Vieux Swarm



  • La Treizième Docteur fait référence à son ancien accent écossais, faisant écho au Douzième Docteur.
  • La Docteur utilise du Nitro-9, un explosif utilisé pour la première fois par Ace dans le quatrième épisode de la 24e saison de la série classique, Dragonfire.

[In mid-air]

DOCTOR: Listen to me, Karvanista. If you think you have won this little skirmish, you are very much mistaken. Do not imagine for a second that you have got the better of us. Right, Yaz?
YASMIN: Oh, yeah. We are totally in command.
KARVANISTA [OC]: Is that right? Cos from where I'm hovering, you seem to be handcuffed and footlocked to a gravity bar, which in 79 seconds will release you into the boiling acid ocean directly below, where your bodies will instantly disintegrate. Even if you survive that - which you won't - in four minutes' time the entire planet will be engulfed by a nearby giant red star. Oh, and if you try and escape, my Kill Disks will blast you to pieces. (Flying machines with twirling blades.) Meanwhile, I am now far away, travelling towards what will in future be known as the final hours of planet Earth.
BOTH: What?
KARVANISTA [OC]: Don't worry. You'll be long dead.
DOCTOR: Oh. I must admit, Yaz, I can't help feeling that some of this is my fault.
YASMIN: Some? All of this is your fault.
DOCTOR: What d'you mean?
YASMIN: Accidentally blowing up Karvanista's droid guards when we were trying to sneak into his operations base unnoticed?
DOCTOR: It's very temperamental, Nitro-9.
YASMIN: Suggesting we escape his base by air-surfing on this gravbar?
DOCTOR: How was I to know that force shield would reboot at the exact moment we were heading towards it?
YASMIN: And when we got captured, you had to mention the two sets of cuffs in your pocket.
DOCTOR: Two words, Yaz, Trapezium Seven.
DOCTOR: Trapezium Seven. That high-gravity circus workshop. Who were the top two in the class? Ready?
DOCTOR: Me neither. I love being not ready. Three, two, one. Alley-oop. (They swing themselves upright onto the grav bar just as the foot-locks release.)  Got it. (The Kill Disks start firing.) Time to go.
(The Doctor pulls a wire and starts the grav bar moving.)
YASMIN: How do we get these cuffs off?
DOCTOR: Very easily because, Yasmin Khan, they're voice-activated. That's why I told him they were in my pocket. Release. Release.
YASMIN: Release!
(The grav bar is fracturing.)
DOCTOR: Release! Oh, maybe I was Scottish when I set them up. (rolls rrr's) Release. Release!!
YASMIN: Doctor! (They swerve around an acid geyser and the Kill Disks fly straight into it.) Doctor? The gravbar's breaking.
DOCTOR: That's inconvenient. (It breaks. They ride their pieces like broomsticks.)  Release. Release. Release. Maybe it's my tone of voice. It's there! Call it.
(They release the grav bars and fall towards the Tardis, which opens its doors in time and bounces them off a catch-net onto a bed.)



DOCTOR: What a relief. (And the cuffs fall off.)  Right. No one gets away withdoing that to us, Yaz. What was it he said? Final few hours of planet Earth? He doesn't get rid of us that easily.
(And sets the Tardis in flight.)


[Liverpool 1820]

(Excavating a large tunnel.)
WILLIAMSON: Not enough. It's not enough.We need more workers. Returned soldiers, the poor, they must all be brought here and put to work. Still far to go.
FOREMAN: Of course, sir. May I also remind you Mister Stonehouse is due shortly?
(Outside the tunnel entrance.)
STEVENSON: Williamson, for the love of God,what are you doing here? Why all this digging?
WILLIAMSON: I provide work and wages for those who would not otherwise find it. Is that not enough?
STEVENSON: Of course, it is laudable. But do you not think about what you are creating?
WILLIAMSON: I think very deeply about it. More deeply than you can possibly know.
STEVENSON: Then why can I see no rational plan at work here? The designs are eccentric, the work is random. And as for the tunnels being excavated, they are without purpose.
WILLIAMSON: Without purpose?. If I were to speak to you about their true purpose, your mind would buckle under the pressure.
STEVENSON: With respect, sir, of the two of us, my mind is clearly the more robust and rational.
WILLIAMSON: Do you imagine what lies ahead can be defeated with rationale?
STEVENSON: And pray, Mister Williamson, what do you imagine to lie ahead of us?
WILLIAMSON: The cataclysmic. The impossible.


[201 years later - Museum of Liverpool]

(Just along Pier Head from the Royal Liver Building)
DAN: Doesn't matter where you go in the world. It could be the greatest museums in the biggest cities - none of them have got what we've got right here. Nobody has got a top floor like the Museum of Liverpool cos nobody has got our history. Over there, we've got the writers. Over there, the musicians. And over there, the footballers. These are massive. They're the pinnacle of this building and this city. These define us. These make Liverpool.
DIANE: Dan. Dan.
DAN: That's enough from me now. I'll let you have a look around on your own. All right, Di?


[Outside the museum]

DIANE: How many times? Dan, you've got to stop. You don't work here. You're not a guide. Stop pretending to be official.
DAN: I am official. Official Scouse. Just think of me as a free exhibit, just a little bit livelier than the others.
DIANE: Lad, you've got a trade - do that.
DAN: I know, but I'm good at this. And I'm only chatting. I make your punters happy. What's the point of being alive if it's not to make others happy?
DIANE: Alan says if you do it again, he'll ban you permanently.
DAN: What if we say just mornings?
DIANE: No. So, we still on for Halloween drinks tonight?
DAN: Yeah, yeah.
DIANE: Unless you've changed your mind.
DAN: No. No, I haven't.
DIANE: No, good, me neither.
DAN: Eight o'clock, the corner of Lark Lane?
DIANE: It's a date.
DAN: Yeah.
DIANE: Not a date date, I'm not presuming, yeah?
DAN: No. Yeah. Yeah, Okay.
DIANE: I've got to go. And don't keep me waiting, you, the late Dan Lewis.
DAN: Not tonight.
DIANE: Go on.



(Explosion from the console.)
YASMIN: That's the fourth time.
DOCTOR: I know. This is the simplest trajectory. Earth. We should be there already. What's wrong with you?
SWARM [OC]: Psychic connection reactivating, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Who's that? How am I seeing this?
SWARM [OC]: Shh. Just watch.



(Two figures beam in. Another is secured to a column in the near distance, with an energy field pulsing up and down around it.)
SENTAC: Still alive, after all this time.
K-TOSCS: How long has it been here?
SENTAC: Imprisoned since the dawn of the universe, that's what I was told. People embellish, though. Our job is to ensure all incarceration systems are still functional, and get the hell out. Evaluation report on prisoner Swarm. Confinement location - remnants of the Burnished Rage battleground. Incarceration systems remain active. Approaching prisoner for distanced live check. Do not engage with the prisoner in conversation. Do not do anything that it asks, no matter what it asks, or how persuasive it seems.
K-TOSCS: I mean, obviously. I have done my psych-resistance training.
SENTAC: Containment chamber active. Physical securings still in place. Stratospheric impoundment systems operative. Prisoner remains secure.
SWARM: Your last tour, En Sentac.
K-TOSCS: How does it know that?
SWARM: How many times across the millennia have you stared at me in silence? Now you're handing over your task to a child.
SENTAC: The kid'll do fine. You're as confined as you always have been and always will be.
SWARM: Wrong.
K-TOSCS: Containment chamber malfunction. Boss?
SWARM: Feeling paralysed? Proof that your life's work has ended in failure. Your reward for admirable service to Division. (Sentac explodes from the inside out. Swarm transforms with crystals moving in and out of its body. It is free.)  Aaaah. Renewed at last.
K-TOSCS: What have you done?
SWARM: I waited. I planned. And now I'm going to execute. (She fires her weapon at it. Swarm touches her and she dissolves molecule by molecule.) That won't work, child. Your time is over, as mine has begun once more. Huh. Trick or treat, Doctor?



YASMIN: Doctor. Doctor! Have you seen this? It's like the Tardis is leaking. (Scanning the dripping black tar with the screwdriver.)  Do you know what it is?
DOCTOR: Nothing to worry about. It's fine. I'm fine, Tardis is fine. We're all fine. We'll be on Earth any moment. Right, dateline. October 31st.
YASMIN: Halloween. Trick or treat.


[Food bank]

DAN: Here, that'll see you right for a bit.
WOMAN: Thanks.
DAN: Oh, and hang on. Take a couple of them for tonight, as long as you promise not to haunt me. Look after yourselves, ta-ra.
WOMAN: Come on.
WILMA: Here. Will I make up a box for you?
DAN: No, I'm sound, thanks.
WILMA: Well, at least take some soup. Mmm?
DAN: Wilma, who likes soup, really?
WILMA: Don't be proud, Daniel, come on.
DAN: There's plenty of people who need soup a lot more than me. And anyway, my numbers are coming up on Wednesday.
WILMA: You don't even play the lottery.
DAN: I know, that's how lucky I am.
WILMA: Wait. Did you see that?
DAN: What?
WILMA: There's something out there.
DAN: You've been on the sherry early tonight. Come on, let's lock up.
(Something alien is monitoring them.)


[Number 37]

(A mid-terrace house.)
CHILDREN: Trick or treat.
DAN: Oh-ho. You scared me there. Here. You can have the last ones. You look great. Go on, go home safe now. Night-night. (Shuts the door, another knock.)
MAN: All right, la? Trick or treat? (A grown man swigging from a can, box of eggs nestled in his arm.)
DAN: No.
MAN: You what?
DAN: How old are you?
MAN: What's the difference?
DAN: You're not even dressed up.
MAN: Yeah, well, neither are you.
DAN: You're just going round knocking on people's doors.
MAN: I heard you had sweets.
DAN: Go on. Get off with youse. Don't be throwing eggs at my house. (Shuts the front door. The fridge is empty, as is the cupboard.)  Take the soup, will you?
(The back door is smashed in with a force-axe,)
KARVANISTA: Yes, gaze upon my might.
DAN: What is it with you lot tonight?
KARVANISTA: Kneel before the might of the Lupari.
DAN: You're paying for that door, you know.
KARVANISTA: Be silent. Or face execution at the hands of Karvanista, Vanquisher of the Thousand Civilisations. Submit or die.
DAN: Well, you've definitely put the effort in.
KARVANISTA: You will not resist. You will do exactly as I command.
DAN: I don't think I will.
KARVANISTA: I said, you will not resist. You will do exactly as I command.
DAN: And I said, get back out through that door or I'm getting the bizzies.
KARVANISTA: Why's that not working? What's the matter with you?
DAN: What's the matter with me? I'm not the one going round smashing into people's houses dressed as a dog.
KARVANISTA: What did you just call me?
DAN: I mean, it's good, like. It's... cute. It looks dead soft. Is it real fur?
KARVANISTA: You defile the sacred legacy of my forebears.
DAN: You don't look anything like four bears. Go on, shoo. Get back to your mam, tell her what a brave lad you've been. (Fires weapon, an energy cage forms around Dan.) Never talk of my mother.



(The Tardis kindly parks herself right in the middle of the cul-de-sac, in full view of the football ground.)
DOCTOR: Liverpool. Anfield. Klopp era. Classic. Ooh, Yaz, maybe we could take in a game. I've seen the Barcelona match nine times. I was a ball boy for Trent, once. Hmm. Number 37. Non-terrestrial weapon dispersal traces.


[Number 37]

YASMIN: And a door that's left open. Anyone home? I'm guessing single bloke, definitely a Red.
DOCTOR: Someone's made a right mess in here. (The Doctor samples the residue from the energy cage.)  Urgh. Stun cube. Lupari tech. Karvanista was here. Looks like he took whoever lived here. Why would he do that?
YASMIN: Daniel Lewis. This could be him.
DOCTOR: So where is he now? Ah. Quick check of planetary orbit. Nice laptop, Dan. Right. (She sonicks the laptop display onto the TV.)  There. Seven point two minutes ago. Karvanista's ship, leaving Earth, shielded against detection. We're just behind him.
YASMIN: So where's he going?
DOCTOR: Why am I getting multiple traces? Hang on while I zoom out. Seven billion Lupari shipscoming this way?
YASMIN: That's an invasion fleet, right?
DOCTOR: It looks like it. Karvanista's species, all heading here. Why was he ahead of them? And why did take the bloke that lives here? Also one other thing that's bugging me. Tiny detail. Why does Dan have such a flashy computer?
BOTH: Because it's not his.
DOCTOR: Aah. Get out.



(The little house implodes, leaving next door's bathroom open to the elements.)
DOCTOR: Whoops.
BOTH: Sorry.


[Arctic circle]

(In a lonely house.)
JON: Hey, what've you done with the chillies?
ANNA: Have you tried the fridge?
JON: Why would they be in the fridge?
ANNA: Well, sometimes you put them in the fridge.
JON: I do not. They're in the fridge.
ANNA: Amazing.
(A device beeps. They go into the garage where a mini-saucer is glowing red in mid-air.)
JON: What do we do?
ANNA: I don't know.
JON: Can we ignore it?
ANNA: They promised this would never happen.
JON: Except in the gravest of emergencies.
(Anna gets a hammer and smashes the saucer.)
ANNA: We didn't receive the warning. Come on. Let's eat.



DAN: A dog shot me. How can a dog shoot me? Ow!
KARVANISTA: The bars on that holding pen are electrified.
DAN: What am I doing in here? Hang on - holding pen? I'm not an animal.
KARVANISTA: No. Animals know when to be silent.
DAN: You wait till I get out of here.
KARVANISTA: Why, what are you gonna do?
DAN: I'm gonna report you.
DAN: I'm gonna report you for kidnapping, what d'you think of that?
KARVANISTA: Well, that's what's happening, so fine.
DAN: What?
KARVANISTA: You're mine. And I'm taking you off-world.
DAN: What do you mean, off-world? (Karvanista opens the shutters on a viewport.)  That's space.
KARVANISTA: And they say you're a low IQ species. Well done. We're travelling away from your planet, through space, on my spaceship. Aww. Look at your little brain trying to work it all out. Embarrassing.
DAN: Why, though? Why are you doing this? What's so special about me?
KARVANISTA: Nothing. There's nothing special about you. You're insignificant, irrelevant and utterly meaningless.
DAN: You've gone to a lot of trouble to kidnap someone who's completely irrelevant.
KARVANISTA: Maybe I should just kill you, yeah? I could, right here.
DAN: Yeah, but you haven't, though, have you? No, you're not going to kill me. You could've done that in my kitchen. If you've gone to all this trouble to kidnap me, killing me wouldn't make sense.
KARVANISTA: I'm done talking to you.
DAN: I'm right, though, aren't I? Go on. Off you go. Hang on. Come back. Where are we actually going?



DOCTOR: Compressor blast, tripped by the sonic.
YASMIN: He's deliberately leaving traps in case he's followed.
DOCTOR: Clever and dangerous, our Karvanista.
YASMIN: So why are you obsessed with following him?
DOCTOR: I don't know what you're talking about.
YASMIN: I need to see a man about a dog, that's all you said. But it turns out the man is a dog, and he's called Karvanista, and you won't tell me why you are so interested in him.
CLAIRE: Oh, my God. Doctor.
YASMIN: Who's that?
DOCTOR: I have no idea.
CLAIRE: I didn't expect to see you here. Not tonight.
DOCTOR: Hi. Really sorry, we're in the middle of something quite important.
YASMIN: Have we met?
CLAIRE: Not yet, but we will. In the past, I think, if it's true. I'm Claire.
DOCTOR: If what's true, Claire? You don't seem too sure about your past.
CLAIRE: Oh, God, look at your faces. I know I sound like a loon. Don't let me distract you. I didn't even know you'd be here. I was just... taking the long way home, because it's Halloween.
(The sonic screwdriver activates.)
DOCTOR: Lupari fleet is getting closer. We don't have any more time. Come on, Yaz.
CLAIRE: It's okay. We'll see each other again.
YASMIN: Look after yourself.



(The door doesn't open into the usual place.)
DOCTOR: Whoa. That's not right.
YASMIN: The door's moved.
YASMIN: That's never happened before.



CLAIRE: You've got to go home now, Claire.



DOCTOR: Right, let's get a lock on Karvanista. Co-pilot?
YASMIN: Course.
DOCTOR: Sending Karvanista's craft ID.
YASMIN: Cross-referencing with spatial-temporal locations. I'll restrict to this solar system and time zone for exact trajectory.
DOCTOR: Yeah. I'll jam his radar and find a sweet spot on his ship for us to land unnoticed. (But the Tardis doesn't want to dematerialises.) Ah.
YASMIN: Final adjustment? (Hands over a hammer.)
DOCTOR: Final adjustment. (The Time Rotor starts up after a thump.)  Right. (She gets under the console.)
YASMIN: What are you doing?
DOCTOR: Checking all systems for malfunctions. Also, quick MOT check on my mind. Had a little glitch earlier.
(Puts a headset on.)
YASMIN: What sort of glitch? You didn't mention it.
DOCTOR: You know what, Yaz? I don't mention everything.
YASMIN: No kidding.
DOCTOR: Are you being mardy?
YASMIN: What sort of glitch?
DOCTOR: A glitchy glitch. What does it matter?
YASMIN: Because I thought we were friends.
DOCTOR: We are friends.
YASMIN: Then why won't you let me in? What's going on with you?
DOCTOR: Nothing's going on with me.
YASMIN: Don't lie. (Headset off.)
DOCTOR: Have we not had a good time together? Since Ryan and Graham left, have I not taken you to amazing places?
YASMIN: Of course, but...
DOCTOR: I thought I was showing you experiences of a lifetime.
YASMIN: You're hiding something about him. About why you tracked him down in the first place. Tell me. (The Tardis impacts something.)  What was that?
DOCTOR: Temporal residue surrounding Karvanista's ship.
YASMIN: Is it us or him?
DOCTOR: Him. Very much him. It's like his ship's covered in it. That shouldn't be happening. We're pushing through it to land. Nothing's as it should be, Yaz. Too much out of the ordinary tonight.


[Another street]

(Claire sees a Weeping Angel in the middle of the street. She feels in her purse for her house keys while continuing to look at it, but ends up looking down. The Angel is closer.)
CLAIRE: Mustn't blink. If you blink, it'll move. Don't blink.
(She backs up to her door and feels for the lock, but again has to look. The Angel moves and she drops the keys, finds them again and scrabbles for the lock. She looks away for a moment and the Angel is a foot away from her.)
CLAIRE: Don't blink.
(She gets the door open, removes the key, backs inside... then blinks. The Weeping Angel is alone in the doorway.)


[Observation Outpost Rose]

VINDER: The universe is looking particularly beautiful today. Observation Officer Vinder reporting, as per assigned duty. Status Report rotation number 21,754. No activity. No change in status. Summary, constant. Everything remains as per my previous 21,753 reports. Nothing has changed. Nothing ever changes, but then you know that. Additional comments. My spirits remain high. While there is little or no activity, the sheer beauty of what I can see is unimaginable. I am lucky to observe that which few others will ever see. For that, at least, I thank you. In all other respects, I conclude this report with my usual sign-off request - that you all go to hell.  (An alert flashes up.)  System?
SYSTEM: Yes, Commander.
VINDER: Amplify Thoribus Section.
SYSTEM: Of course. Amplifying.
VINDER: What is that? System, analyse, and focuson the Thoribus Trifecta.
SYSTEM: Analysing Thoribus Trifecta. Unknown phenomena detected. Analysing. Anomalous property detected.
VINDER: What in the name of the saints...?
(A dark swirling cloud turns the planets to atoms as it touches them. Computer systems start glitching.)
SYSTEM: Thoribus Minor destroyed. Unknown phenomena approaching. Outpost Rose is compromised.
VINDER: Emergency status update. Urgent warning transmission. Argh!


[Arctic Cirle]

(They are woken by the presence of Swarm in their home)
ANNA: Jon?
(Jon reaches for the bedside light, and he starts to disintegrate.)
JON: Don't touch anything! (Anna screams as he disappears)
ANNA: Why is this thought in my mind?
SWARM: What thought?
ANNA: Thank you. (Anna transforms into a being like Swarm.)
SWARM: My sister. How I have missed you.



(The Tardis materialises at the end of a corridor on Karvanista's spaceship.)
YASMIN: So we think this Dan bloke is somewhere on board?
DOCTOR: Yeah. Now, just going to take out his security systems before we get spotted and lay another hack. (emptying pockets) Here, hold this. Where is it? Ah. Leftover hopper virus particles should do the trick. Right. You find Dan and I'll confront Karvanista. Meet back here.
YASMIN: Confront him? D'you not remember how that ended up last time?
DOCTOR: Yeah. We got away.
YASMIN: Doctor...
DOCTOR: The prisoner hold's down that way. If you hear gunfire or explosions, get back sharpish. Right, synchronise watches. Forget that, I'm not wearing a watch. Any questions? No? See you soon. (The Doctor leaves.)
YASMIN: Does that make sense to you, Yaz? Not really, Doctor, no.


[Control room]
KARVANISTA: Karvanista to Lupari command. Unknown temporal propulsion has been corrected. Now activating strategic formation realignment to re-join battalion. Also sharing mission intel of Earth festival Halloween, which may affect some operational deployments.
DOCTOR: I've got a bone to pick with you.
KARVANISTA: Oh, come on. How many traps do I have to leave to get rid of you?
DOCTOR: More than you have done so far.
KARVANISTA: I don't have time for you right now.
DOCTOR: You're going to make time. (Sonic screwdriver.)
KARVANISTA: Did you just shut my ship down?
DOCTOR: Yes, I did. And now your weapon as well. 'Cos I've tracked you down across half the universe, and you're going to stand there while I tell you two things. Number one, the Lupari invasion of Earth is off.
KARVANISTA: What are you talking about?
DOCTOR: I couldn't be clearer. You tell the rest of your people to stay away from Earth. It is protected. It's protected... protected by me, to be clear. Number two, you're going to tell me everything you know about the Division.


(Meanwhile -)
YASMIN: Dan Lewis, right?
DAN: Ow. Might be. Who are you?
YASMIN: Rescue party. Keep quiet and stay still. It looks like this holding pen has... nine different booby traps.
DAN: How do you know that?
YASMIN: I've had a lot of experienceof getting out of places like this. Bear with me.
DAN: Where have you come from?
YASMIN: Why, fussy about who you get rescued by?
DAN: How do I know I can trust you? You might be with the dog fella.
YASMIN: Does this look like a face you can trust?
DAN: Maybe.
YASMIN: Maybe?
DAN: Are you an alien, too?
YASMIN: I'm Yaz. Yasmin Khan. Formerly PC Yasmin Khan of Hallamshire Police. Very human, very much not with the dog fella.
DAN: Hallamshire. What, like Sheffield?
YASMIN: Why, what's the matter with Sheffield?
DAN: Too near Leeds.
YASMIN: Pro tip, Dan Lewis. Don't diss the designated rescuer.
DAN: How are you here if you're from Sheffield?
YASMIN: Got a mate who's an alien.
DAN: Does he look like a dog?
YASMIN: No. But she's got her own ship and we can get you back to Earth. You can come out.
DAN: And the bars won't zap me?
YASMIN: Not if I've done it properly, which I'm pretty sure I have.
DAN: How sure?
YASMIN: Well, y'know, life's a gamble.
(Dan comes out of the cage)
DAN: Nice work, girl.
YASMIN: Yaz is fine. And I don't want to hear another word against Yorkshire again. Come on. We're meeting the Doctor back at our ship, assuming nothing goes wrong.
DAN: Why, do things often go wrong?
YASMIN: Come on.


[Back on the bridge]
KARVANISTA: Stop asking about the Division. That's not a question I can answer.
DOCTOR: Yes, you can. You have to. I've spent a long time hunting you down. You are the only known Division operative I can find alive. The only one who can... Right, sorry, park that. What is that call sign? Why is it bothering me so much?
KARVANISTA: Species recall. Universal pattern.
DOCTOR: That's it. Thank you. Spe... No, what? Wait. You're on Species Recall right now?
KARVANISTA: The Lupari are species-bonded to humanity. For every human, there's a paired guardian Lupar. The bond is our genetic obligation, and our honour, only ever to come into effect in the ultimate crisis.
DOCTOR: But that would mean you're not abducting Dan, then.
KARVANISTA: I'm saving him, you idiot, right? Every Lupar has a designated human. He's mine. We have to save them before it's too late.
DOCTOR: But you used a stun cube on him.
KARVANISTA: Just because we have to save them doesn't mean I have to like him. They're infuriating.
DOCTOR: Seven billion ships. Seven billion humans. Man's best friend.
KARVANITA: Not if you don't power up my ship.
DOCTOR: But what is it you're saving them from?
KARVANISTA: You don't know?
DOCTOR: I've been busy.
DOCTOR: What's the Flux?
KARVANISTA: A hurricane, ripping through the structure of this universe, disrupting every particle. The falling of the structure of the universe. A cataclysm of unknown proportions or patterns. We... we don't know for sure.
DOCTOR: And when is this Flux due to happen?
KARVANISTA: It's already begun.


[Observation Outpost Rose]

VINDER: Update from Thoribus Trifecta. Three planets now compromised. Wait, no, I don't mean compromised, I mean destroyed. Disintegrated. Er...but not by weapons. Like they were folding in on themselves because of proximity to... I don't know what. System?
SYSTEM: Catastrophic event compromising base-level integrity of all structures.
VINDER: You mean something is erasing this galaxy?
SYSTEM: Warning. Urgent update. Observation Outpost Rose will be compromised. Evacuation procedures urgently recommended.
VINDER: You hear that system advice? This is Serving Commander Inston-Vee Vinder of Kasto-Winfer-Foxfell, doing the unthinkable and leaving his post.
SYSTEM: :Escape procedures activated. Survival pod ejection imminent.
(The pod blasts off.)



DOCTOR: Data. I need data. What causes this Flux and where does it start?
KARVANISTA: I don't know, I don't have a guidebook to it. The other side of the universe or somewhere. Now unblock my ship's systems. I need to re-align with my battalion.
DOCTOR: Fine. Doing it. But I'm keeping your weapons powered down. It doesn't make any sense. You're moving away from Earth while the rest are travelling towards it.
KARVANISTA: My ship hit a time disturbance at the head of the battalion. It meant I got to Earth a few hours ahead of the others.
DOCTOR: And your battalion aim to transport humanity off Earth before the Flux hits.
KARVANISTA: That's what species bond means. To protect when called upon.
DOCTOR: And how will this ship survive the Flux?
KARVANISTA: Our Survival Battalion was engineered and built to weather whatever the Flux can throw at us. Once the humans are on board,the individual ships unite to form a long-term survival structure.
DOCTOR: Clever. Except has anyone asked humanity about this? Cos I think they're gonna have an opinion.
KARVANISTA: We don't need to ask them. We're protecting them.
DAN: Yeah, well, we don't want your protection.
YASMIN: We were supposed to be sneaking in quietly.
DAN: Sorry.
KARVANISTA: Did you release him?
YASMIN: Yeah, I did. And that's payback for dangling me over boiling acid.
DOCTOR: Oh. All systems back online, including weapons. Right. Plan modifications, two stages. One, this is not over, between me and you. We are not done. Two, run!
(Karvanista fires his energy axe at them.)
YASMIN: Dan, Doctor, Doctor, Dan.
DAN: All right, Doc?
DOCTOR: Nice to meet you, Dan. Run for your life.
KARVANISTA: Give me back my human. That's my human.
DAN: I'm not your human.
(They arrive at the Tardis and the Doctor goes in.)
DAN: You said it was a ship. That's not a ship.
YASMIN: It is. Get in.



YASMIN: Why have you put the door in the floor?
DAN: Bit of a daft place to have a door, isn't it?
DOCTOR: Seem to have a surplus of doors right now, I'm not sure why.
DAN: Is all this inside that box?
DOCTOR: It's bigger on the inside.
DAN: I can see that.
YASMIN: It's called a Tardis.
DAN: I had a mate who had one of these. I think his was a bit bigger,actually.
DOCTOR: Shut up. (The Tardis dematerialises.)  By the way, here's your house.
DAN: What? How did that happen?
YASMIN: Karvanista set a trap up for us, which miniaturised it.
DAN: I can't live in that.
DOCTOR: Right now you don't have a house. Very soon, you may not have a planet and there may not be a universe.
DAN: Is she joking?
YASMIN: Are you joking?
DOCTOR: Not joking. I'm trying to locate an event called the Flux. Karvanista seems to think it will overwhelm most of the universe.
DAN: And you're looking for it?
DOCTOR: We are. Why don't I know about this? And who else does?


[Thirty Trillion Light Years Away]

(On a Sontaran vessel, a hologram appears.)
RITSKAW: Finally.
KRAGAR: Psychic Surveyor Kragar, concluding assessment, Commander.
RITSKAW: It has been a long time, old comrade. You look old.
KRAGAR: My mission has... withered me, it is true.
RITSKAW: Really. You look disgusting.
KRAGAR: Yes, well, no point dwelling on it.
RITSKAW: Really disgusting. Continue.
KRAGAR: I have analysed the psychic waves and it is my privilege to report the cataclysm approaches. The Flux is imminent. I forecast incredible suffering. Vast bloodshed. A conflict that will dwarf all that has come before. The greatest of times are upon us. We must be ready to take advantage.
RITSKAW: My old friend, I find myself... excited.



(They materialise in space.)
DOCTOR: Why have you brought us here? Multiple readings? It's one event. I said, trace one event In all of time and space, you bring us here. Why?
DAN: Who's she talking to?
YASMIN: The Tardis.
DAN: What, is it alive?
YASMIN: No idea, but they do chat.
DOCTOR: It's brought us to the edge of your solar system. Doesn't make any sense. There's nothing here.
(She opens the main doors to give it a once over with the mark-one eyeball.)
DAN: Whoa. When you say nothing...
YASMIN: Yeah. Nothing here, except an amazing view.
DAN: How can we breathe?
YASMIN: Protective air bubble.
DAN: I'll take your word for it.
(Bell tolls.)
YASMIN: What is it?
DOCTOR: The Cloister Bell. It's a warning.
YASMIN: Of what?
DOCTOR: The Tardis is worried.
DAN: What's that?
(Brown cloud travelling through space.)
DOCTOR: The Flux. This is what the Lupari have seen. What they were trying to protect humanity from.
DAN: What's it doing?
DOCTOR: Disobeying every law of Time and Space. Disrupting every particle it comes into contact with. Oh!
(She sees the Moon and Earth disintegrate, also an alien world - Venus? Yasmin and Dan stop her falling out of the Tardis.)
YASMIN: Doctor, what's the matter?
DOCTOR: I can feel it all. I can feel the universe breaking.
YASMIN: But you can stop it, right?



SWARM: No. Hello again, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Who are you?
SWARM: They were so efficient. There is not a tiny corner of you that remembers.
DOCTOR: Remembers what?
SWARM: You and I, dancing across Space and Time, locked in combat. And now, after so long apart, we get to do it once more.
DOCTOR: I don't know you.
SWARM: Yet I know you. I remember every battle... which gives me the advantage. Our final fight has begun.



YASMIN: Doctor. Are you all right?
DOCTOR: Stop asking me that.
DAN: Is it me, or does it look like it's changing direction? It's like it's coming for us.
DOCTOR: Get inside. (The Tardis stutters.)  Do not stall on me now. Taking evasive action. (Using the hammer) Sorry. Sorry. Really sorry. This is impossible. The end of the universe is chasing us.
DAN: So what are you doing?
DOCTOR: The only thing I can do. If the Flux is coming for us... then we're gonna head to Earth.
(Neptune gets eaten.)
DOCTOR: Tardis calling Karvanista.



KARVANISTA: Bring me back my human, now.
DAN [OC]: I'm not your human.
KARVANISTA: I am trying to save your worthless life.
DOCTOR [OC]: Listen to me. We're approaching you fast...



DOCTOR: ..and the Flux is right behind us, following us, as we head to Earth.



KARVANISTA: It can't be. We don't have enough time to get all the humans on board the ships. The battalion's only on the edge of the planet.



YASMIN: We have to have time, Doctor. My family are there.
DAN: Mine, too. And Di. I'm late to meet Diane.


[Lark Lane]

AZURE [OC]: Diane. Inside the house. Come on in. I said, come on in.
(Diane's feet move against her will.)
DIANE: Stop walking, Di. Stop walking now. (The door of the 'haunted house' opens.)  No... No, no...no.



(The entity formerly known as Anna...)
AZURE: We're going to have fun with you.



DOCTOR [on screen]: I've got a plan here. There's only one chance to survive this. Karvanista, you said the battalion ships were designed to fit together to form a protective structure.
KARVANISTA: What about it?
DOCTOR [on screen]: I'm sending you a formation for the ships. Get it communicated to them instantly. You have to move fast.
KARVANISTA: What good will that do?



DOCTOR: Just do it. That shape, that formation. Got to outrun this thing. Ah! We're being dragged into the heart of the Flux.
YASMIN: Can the Tardis withstand it?
DOCTOR: I don't know. I don't understand it and I hate not understanding.



KARVANISTA: Battalion positioned, just as you ordered.
DOCTOR [on screen]: Lock them in to the pattern now.
KARVANISTA: This better work.
DOCTOR [on screen]: You're telling me.
KARVANISTA: Interlocking. Lupari Battalion now encasing Earth. It worked. The pattern worked. The battalion is shielding Earth.
DOCTOR [on screen]: Your ships better be as good as you say they are, Karvanista.
KARVANISTA: What about you? Get your ship behind that Battalion wall.



DOCTOR: Doing it now.
(Sparks fly.)
YASMIN: Trouble, right?
DOCTOR: I can't get us out of its pull. We can't outrun it.
DAN: But we're safe in here. We're sealed in. (Then all the sets of doors fly open.) Oh no.
YASMIN: Come on, Doctor. There must be something you can do.
DOCTOR: One last throw of the dice. Get down. (She smashes a hole in the Time Rotor.)  Flux, meet Vortex energy. See what that does to you. Ah. Not much, by the looks of things.
(We are shown Vinder, Claire, Mister Williamson, Diane, Karvanista, a Weeping Angel.)


[Sontaran vessel]

RITSKAW: Attack! (Swarm and Azure look on.)



DOCTOR: The end of the universe. I always wondered what it would feel like. (The Flux arrives at the doors.)

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What the bloody f... ?!! Est-ce que je viens vraiment de regarder cela? *rit nerveusement et se se tord les cheveux* Comment commenter ça sans spoiler?

Un clin d'oeil à 12, un alien-toutou, des aliens-toutous qui protègent l'humanité (un par humain, ouiiii le meilleur ami de l'homme lol), Claire qui vient du futur de la doc mais la connait déjà (hello Blink), une ex-petite amie de Dan jouée par une dame en situation de handicap et toutlemondes'enfout et c'est génial merci, le retour de la division, Karvanista est de la division, de la tension avec Yaz, j'adore Dan, des Sontariens bien flippants, j'adore Dan, et Vinder, je me demande qui était l'homme vivant avec la femme alien, ce qu'était le signal, qui ils sont, et du coup, je me demande encore plus, qui est ce duo venant de l'aube du temps x) L'opposé du temps? L'anti-temps? ça fait très matière noire :p


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