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 The night of the Doctor


Space- Unknown ship crashing

Cass : Help me please ! Can anybody hear me ?

Computer : Please, state the nature of your harm or injury.

Cass : What injury ? I'm crashing ! Don't need a doctor !

Computer : A clear listing of your symptoms will help us provide the medical practician appropriate to your individual needs.

Cass : I'm trying to send a distress signal, stop talking about doctors !

The Doctor : I'm a Doctor (Cass turns around and discovers a smiling Doctor), but probably not the one you were expecting !




In the crashing ship

The Doctor : Where is the rest of the crew ?

Cass : Teleported off !

The Doctor : But you are still here ?

Cass : I teleported them.

The Doctor : Why you ?

Cass : Everyone else was screaming.

The Doctor : Welcome aboard !

Cass (relieved) : Aboard what ?

The Doctor : I will show you.

He takes her hand and they run. Explosions.

Cass : Where are we going ?

The Doctor : Back of the ship.

Cass : Why ?

The Doctor : Because the front crashes first, think it's true.

A door closes suddenly in front of them.

The Doctor : Oh ! Why did you do that ? (He tries to open the door with his screwdriver)

Cass : Emergency protocols.

The Doctor : What's your name ?

Cass : Cass.

The Doctor : You're young to be keen of gunship, Cass.

Cass : I wanted to see the universe. Is it always like this ?

The Doctor : If you're lucky !

The door opens on a little room where there is the Tardis.

The Doctor : Don't worry, it's bigger on the inside.

Cass (frozes) : What did you say ? 'Bigger on the inside', is that what you said ?

The Doctor : Yes, come on you will love it.

Cass : Is this a Tardis ?!

The Doctor (understanding her behaviour) : Yes, but you will be perfectly safe, I promess you.

Cass (screams with hate and withdraws her hand, takes a step back) : Don't touch me !

The Doctor (losing his confidence) : I'm not part of the war. I swear to you, I never was.

Cass (like this is the worst insult in the universe) : You're a Time Lord.

The Doctor : Yes, I'm a Time Lord, but I'm one of the nice ones.

Cass (steps back again, gets out of the room) : Get away from me !

The Doctor : Well, on the bright side, I'm not a Dalek !

Cass : Who can tell the difference anymore ?! (She pushes on a red button on the wall and the door closes, she is trapped in the ship)

The Doctor : Cass !

Cass : It's deadlocked ! Don't even try !

The Doctor : Cass, please, open the door ! I'm trying to help !

Cass (furious) : Go back to your battlefield ! (crying) You haven't finished yet ! Some of the universe is still standing !

The Doctor : I'm not leaving this ship without you !

Cass : Then you will die right here.. Best news of the day !

She steps back, ready to die.

The Doctor : Cass, Cass !! (He hits the door desperately) Cass !! Cass !! Cass !!


Planet Karn

A woman in a red dress looks the ship crashing on the planet.

Ohila : And here he is at last, the man who'll end it all. My sisters, the Doctor is returned to Karn. We have always known in our bones that one day he would return here. Such a pity he is dead.

While she is speaking, we can see the crashed ship, and discover the Doctor's corpse.


Room in Karn

The Doctor sits on the floor, standing next to a big rock.

The Doctor (wakes up suddenly and screams) : Cass !

Ohila (kneeling in front of him) : If you refer to your companion, we are still attempting to extract her from the wrackage.

The Doctor : She wasn't my companion.

Ohila : She is almost certainly dead, no one could survive that crash.

The Doctor : I did.

Ohila : No. We restaure you to life, but it's a temporary measure. You have a little under 4 minutes.

The Doctor : 4 minutes ? That's ages ! What if I get bored, if I needed a television, couple of books ?! Anyone to chess ?! Bring me knitting!

Ohila : You have so little breath left, spend it wisely !

The Doctor : Hang on... Is it you ? Am I back on Karn ? (He stands up and looks around him) You're the Sisters of Karn, Keepers of the flam.. of utter boredom.

Ohila : Eternal life !

The Doctor (Mocking) : That's the one.

Ohila : Mock it if you will, but our elixir can trigger your regeneration, bring you back (The Doctor is suddenly paying attention) Time Lord's science is elevated here on Karn, the change doesn't have to be randle (She opens her arms to show her sisters) Fat or thin, young or old, man or woman ?

Why would you do this for me ?

Ohila : You have helped us in the past.

The Doctor : You were never been no gratituded [Bug de la rédactrice, à corriger si quelqu'un n'est pas d'accord]

Ohila : The war between the Daleks and the Time Lords threatens all reality. You are the only hope left.

The Doctor : It's not my war, and I will have no part of it.

Ohila : You can't ignore it for ever.

The Doctor : I help where I can, I will not fight.

Ohila : Because you are 'the good man', as you call yourself ?

The Doctor : I call myself the Doctor.

Ohila : It's the same thing in your mind.

The Doctor : I like to think so.

Ohila : In that case, Doctor … Attend your patient (She looks to Cass' corpse whose others sisters puts on the rock we previously saw. The Doctor come to examine her with his screwdriver) You're wasting your time. She is beyond even our help.

The Doctor : She wanted to see the universe.

Ohila : She didn't miss much. It's very nearly over.

The Doctor : I could have saved her, I could have go her off, but she wouldn't listen.

Ohila : Then she was wiser than you. She understood there was no escape in the Time war. You are a part of this, Doctor, whether you like it or not.

The Doctor : I would rather die.

Ohila : You're dead already. How many will you let join you ? (The Doctor looks at Cass) If she could speak, what would she say ?

The Doctor : To me ? Nothing. I'm a Time Lord, everything she despised.

Ohila : She would beg your help, like we beg your help now ! (almost crying) The universe stands on the bridge. Will you let it fall ?! (The Doctor looks to the potions around him) Fast or strong, wise or angry, what do you need now ?!

The Doctor (takes Cass' fight belt) : Warrior.

Ohila : Warrior ?!

The Doctor : I don't suppose there is any need for a doctor anymore. Make me a warrior now.

Ohila (gives him a potion) : I took the liberty of preparing this one myself.

The Doctor : (screaming) : Get out, get out ! All of you (The Sisters leave) Will it hurt ?

Ohila : Yes.

The Doctor : Good. Charley, C'rizz, Lucie, Tamsin, Molly … Friends, companions, I now salute you. And Cass … I apologize (He looks at her) Physician, heal yourself (He drinks the potion)

The regeneration begins, and yes it's clearly painful. On the outside, Ohila hears his screams. A few moments later, she comes back to see him.

Ohila : Is it done ?

An old hand appears and caresses Cass' cheek. It takes her fight belt and wears it. We see a reflection from his face: a mid-age John Hurt.

War Doctor : Doctor no more.


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