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#13.03 : Il n'était pas une fois

« Le temps commence à se déchaîner ». Sur une planète qui ne devrait pas exister, au lendemain de l’apocalypse, le Docteur, Dan, Yaz et Vinder font face à une bataille pour survivre.


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Chapter Three : Once, Upon Time

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Il n'était pas une fois

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Première diffusion en France


Next time : Once, Upon Time

Next time : Once, Upon Time


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La Docteur a un nouveau manteau

La Docteur a un nouveau manteau

Les cybermens sont aussi là

Les cybermens sont aussi là



La Docteur dans le temple d'Atropos

La Docteur dans le temple d'Atropos

Vinder et Le Grand Serpent

Vinder et Le Grand Serpent

La Docteur, Yaz et Dan face à un nouveau problème

La Docteur, Yaz et Dan face à un nouveau problème

La Docteur et ses amis prêts à intervenir

La Docteur et ses amis prêts à intervenir

Yaz et la Docteur

Yaz et la Docteur


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Troisième partie de l'arc Flux


Scénariste: Chris Chibnall

Réalisateur: Azhur Saleem



Jodie Whittaker... Docteur

Mandip Gill... Yasmin Khan

John Bishop... Dan

Jacob Anderdon ... Vinder

Thaddea Graham ... Bel

Rochenda Sandall ... Azure

Sam Spruell ... Swarm

Nadia Albina ... Diane

Steve Oram ... Joseph Williamson

Craig Parkinson ... Grand Serpent

Bhavnisha Parmar ... Sonya Khan

Matthew Needham ... Vieux Swarm

Craige Els ... Karvanista

Barbara Flynn ... Awsok

Jonny Mathers ... Passenger

Chantelle Pierre ... Officier de police

Nicholas Briggs ... Voix des Cybermen

Amanda Drew ... Voix des Mouri

Nigel Lambert ... Priest Triangle


Références et continuité

  • Les Anges pleureurs réapparaissent pour la première fois depuis l'épisode spécial de Noël L'heure du Docteur, en 2013, et Hell Bent dans la saison 9, en 2015.
  • On en apprend davantage sur le passé de la Docteur.

[Bel's story]

(Planet surface, a young woman is packing up camp in a ruined castle.)
BEL [OC]: What I learned in the immediate aftermath of the Flux seems obvious now, but it's only obvious once you've lived it. The biggest changes to our lives start small. Catastrophes creep in quietly, and by the time you realise, the life you once had is already behind you. (A Dalek patrol passes, hovering just off the muddy ground, the whole vent section moving not just the dome with the eye stalk.) The Dalek Sector is growing. I thought I'd made it out, but they just keep spreading. Because since what some people keep calling the Beginning of the End, who is there left to stop them? Of course, I call it the Dalek Sector, I don't know for certain. But it helps me understand, because the maps definitely don't make any sense any more. Or the days. (It suddenly goes dark as she runs through a wood.) Everything is disrupted. But this isn't about Daleks. For once, they're not what worries me. At least we understand them. You and me, my love, we've fought them. It's the other things... whatever they are. (A swarm of turquoise insects zap two people running across a clearing.) Appearing from nowhere, feasting on the wreckage, coming for survivors of the Flux. I must admit, some days I feel like... they wanna to stop me from getting to you. But nothing is gonna stop me getting to you.


[Inner Temple]

DOCTOR [OC]: I spend my life walking into new places and weighing things up fast. Who's who? Who has the power? Who's in danger? How fast danger is coming. Also, how likely my friends are to die. I've got good at figuring all of that out at speed.
AZURE: Three.
DOCTOR [OC]: Right now, big danger. No obvious solutions. Well, one solution, one massive risk.
SWARM: All in good time.
DOCTOR [OC]: You don't mess with Time. You don't put yourself and your friends in the midst of a Time Storm unless there's no alternative. John Burroughs once said to me, leap and the net will appear. He was talking metaphorically, whereas right now...
(The Doctor grabs Dan and shoves him onto one Mouri pedestal, while she gets on another and activates her sonic screwdriver.)


[Time Storm]

DOCTOR: Oh! Ah! Ah! Oh! I'm sorry. (Yasmin, Dan and Vinder are hanging there too.)  I had to buy us Time. Literally. We're in the heart of the Time Storm, sheltering in broken Time while...
(Yasmin is sucked away.) No! Yaz! (Then Dan.) Dan! Time is pulling you back. I'm coming to get you. (And Vinder)  No! (A Weeping Angel appears.)  How did you get in here? Broken and disrupted Time. Everything is corrupted. I have to rescue them. No, not me as well. I have too much to do. Ah!


[Planet Time]

(A building is demolished.)
VINDER: What's the update, boss?
DOCTOR: Trubial Monument is down. Only the central temple left. Where are the hostages?
VINDER: We don't know. No traces. The only information we have is five Passenger forms in main temple.
DOCTOR: Where are we on aerial?
DAN: Aerial shelling now complete. Should've weakened primary defences to give us a way in. Just give the word.
DOCTOR: Enough equipment remaining to breach the entrance?
YASMIN: You said come prepared. We also have temporal erasure options, should we require them.
DOCTOR: Where is this? Why...? What are you wearing?
DAN: Temporal hazing.
VINDER: Happens to the best of us.
DOCTOR: When is this? (Yasmin jabs her with a hypo.)  Ow! What did you do that for?
DAN: She loves doing that.
VINDER: She so loves doing that.
YASMIN: I do love doing that. Should block the temporal hazing. You back with us? We need to get this job done and end the siege of Atropos.
DOCTOR: Atropos. That's where I found you. Tell Psy-Ops to alert the Mouri skeins - they should be on standby - and tell the fleet to ramp up second wave of aerial shelling. We all know why we're here. We rescue those hostages, end the siege, reset Time so the universe can function again. The only way in's through the front, risking our lives to save others'. The usual. On my command. The universe is relying on us.


[Outside the Museum of Liverpool]

DIANE: What are you doing here?
DAN: I seem to have two coffees and one of them's a skinny latte with an extra shot.
DIANE: Weird. That's the way I have it.
DAN: Is it? That's lucky.


[St Luke's ruins]

(Then suddenly they are walking through the ruins of a bombed-out church.)
DIANE: You all right?
DAN: Yeah, sorry. Just lost me bearings. So how was your date?
DIANE: It wasn't a date.
DAN: All right, so, how was your thing that wasn't a date?
DIANE: I fell asleep in front of him.
DAN: I thought you were going for pizza.
DIANE: I fell asleep, in me pizza, in front of him.
DAN: No!
DIANE: He was so boring. I woke up with him picking bits of mozzarella off me cheek and asking the waiter to call an ambulance. I had to lie and tell him I was narcoleptic. I mean, I obviously am, in reaction to him. Am I boring you?
(Dan has seen the turquoise swarm.)


[Metropolitan Cathedral steps]

(Then suddenly it is night on the steps of Christ the King.)
DAN: No. Just thought I saw... Doesn't matter.
DIANE: Why aren't you married?
DAN: You're taking no prisoners tonight, are you?
DIANE: You're not a kid and you're not the ugliest fella in this city, so what's wrong with you? Why aren't you married with triplets?
DAN: It nearly happened, once. 15 years ago? Lost count now. I was engaged to get married. Two days before, she changed her mind.
DIANE: Ouch.
DAN: Said she'd been thinking about it properly. Couldn't bear spending the rest of her life with me, so thought she could do better.
DIANE: Oh, my God. Brutal.
DAN: That's life, innit? Nobody gets by without some bruises. God, I loved her. When is this?
DIANE: What?
DAN: Did we move? Have we er... have we done this before? Why am I here?
DIANE: I was waiting. You didn't come. Where were you, Dan? Where were you, Dan?
(A Passenger is standing at the bottom of the steps and Diane is gone.)
DOCTOR: Found you. (She is not entirely there.)
DAN: Doctor, what are you doing?
DOCTOR: I can't hold on to everything...
DAN: Er...


[Sheffield - parked police car]

(On their nightshift snack break.)
DOCTOR: But if you go three doors down, they've got them half the price. So I was like, have you not seen what they're charging there? And they were like no, we don't care. So I said, well, why would I buy them here for this price when they're half the price three doors down? And she said - and she was so snotty - it's up to you, isn't it? And I said, yes, it is and I've never stepped inside that shop since, and who's the loser now? It's not even like I'm that bothered about satsumas.
YASMIN: Doctor? (The driver glitches into another person.)
POLICE: You all right?
YASMIN: Yeah. (Then she sees a Weeping Angel in the wing mirror.)  What is that? (But there's nothing there.)
POLICE: Oh, you've got a bit of salad dressing.
(Yasmin adjusts the rear view mirror and sees the Angel in the back seat, but there is nothing there.)
DOCTOR: Yaz, I'm trying to break through to your Time stream, but there's a barrier, like something's trying to keep me out.
POLICE: There we are. All gone now.



YASMIN: Qualified highest in all streams. Exceptional honours award and a commendation for saving the life of three colleagues on your most recent mission.
(Now she appears to be an officer in another planet's military.)
VINDER: Any pilot would have done the same.
YASMIN: No. Because they didn't. You were the only one to fly into the blaze. Your training craft received fatal damage. You were lucky to escape with your life.
VINDER: Yes and no. Yes, the damage to the craft was bad. No, I don't believe I was lucky. I made a judgment call and it came off. That's what we train for. I remember this. But it wasn't you. You weren't here.
YASMIN: Commander.
VINDER: Yes. Sorry.
YASMIN: No record of post-traumatic psycho disturbance.
VINDER: I've taken all offers of counselling and term-coming. No problems.
(Semi-transparent Doctor floating in mid-air.)
DOCTOR: Don't mind me. I'm trying not to be distracting. Let me just...
VINDER: Did you...?
YASMIN: Did I what?
VINDER: Nothing.
YASMIN: You do realise this is a prestigious posting with the highest level of security clearance?
VINDER: I understand.
YASMIN: You'll be permanently at the side of the Grand Serpent. It will be arduous. The Grand Serpent is... demanding.
YASMIN: Absolute discretion and absolute fidelity are the minimum expected.
VINDER: I understand.
YASMIN: Don't make me regret this.
VINDER: Meaning?
YASMIN: The posting is yours.
(As they shake hands, Yasmin transforms briefly into a grey-haired officer.)
VINDER: Thank you, sir. It's an honour.
YASMIN: It is. Make sure you remember that. Do not let the Grand Serpent down.


[Outside the Temple]

DOCTOR: Blow the doors in.
(Yasmin activates a device placed in front of the entrance.)
DAN: I've got about 11 nitros of reducer left. We use it when the doors go. Keeps us at normal speed but slows down the rest of the environment. We've gotta make the most of it.
DOCTOR: Our entire focus is locate the Ravagers.
(The doors get blown in.)


[Time Storm]

DOCTOR: Ah! Oh wow, supersized Mouri. Hey, where was I? That wasn't my Time stream. And why were Dan, Yaz and that lad there?
MOURI: You have put yourself at risk in here, Doctor. Time is playing games with you all.
DOCTOR: You understand what I'm trying to do by throwing myself in here.
MOURI: The pressure of the Time Storm will be too much, even for you.
DOCTOR: I will not let them die. I can do this. I can absorb it. Help me with it and I can help you.
MOURI: Time resists. It is pulling you back.



DOCTOR: Listen up, Ravagers. You are intruders in the Temple of Atropos. The Temple is surrounded. There's no way out of here, and no way off this planet. We've come to reclaim what you took. You do not belong here, so you might as well surrender to save matters getting too unpleasant. I know you can hear me. Tell your remaining troops to surrender now, or they'll have me to answer to.
(She sees her reflection, but it is the woman called Ruth we met in Fugitive of the Judoon.)
FUGITIVE: Who the hell are you? And what are you doing in my reflection?
DOCTOR: What are you doing here?
FUGITIVE: Is this the Atropos defence systems?
DOCTOR: I'm you. Which means... this is my past. I'm in a memory.
FUGITIVE: What do you mean, you're me? Nah, I don't think so.
DOCTOR: I'm your future. I threw myself into a Time Storm here in the future to protect myself and my friends, but it threw me down into my own Time stream, in the middle of a memory that I've lost, and I'm losing control of it all.
VINDER: No Time to admire yourself, boss!
DAN: Bit of praise for the effective reducer wouldn't go amiss.
YASMIN: Yeah. You're pretty smart for a dog.
DAN: Oi! Language.
DOCTOR: What did you call him? Tell me who you are, all of you.
VINDER: If this temporal hazing gets any worse, we'll have to relieve her of command. We can't risk the mission.
YASMIN: We're your team.
DOCTOR: My team...
YASMIN: You talk to her. We'll cover.
VINDER: It's all right, boss. We understand the pressure. Final push. We do this, you're clear.
DOCTOR: Clear?
VINDER: They promised they'll stick to it. Final attack. Retake the chamber, retake the planet, and you'll be free of all this. That's the point, isn't it?
DOCTOR: If you say so. Why don't I know? Why don't I remember how this ends?
FUGITIVE: If you've thrown yourself into a Time Storm and that storm's thrown you in here, you might never get back.
DOCTOR: And my friends will die, submerged in their own Time stream.
FUGITIVE: Then you've got a lot to figure out.


[Williamson Tunnels]

(Someone is shooting an energy weapon.)
DAN: What am I running from?
DAN: Don't shoot!
WILLIAMSON: Why are you dallying here?
DAN: I'm not dallying, I'm trying to get out. Last I knew, I was somewhere else and now I'm not. Again.
WILLIAMSON: Why do you disobey the task?
DAN: What task?
(Williamson fires his laser pistol down the tunnel.)
WILLIAMSON: Back, vile demons! I'll smite you all. Now, what is this? Has your mind deserted you? Are you now a fool?
DAN: It's really beginning to feel that way. So where've you come from?
WILLIAMSON: Well, Mason Street, clearly.
DAN: Mason Street, Edge Hill?
WILLIAMSON: Well, of course Edge Hill. Where else?
DAN: That's right by where I live. Are we near there now?
WILLIAMSON: (laughing) No, sir. Very far. Very, very far! Shh.
(The turquoise swarm flies past them.)
DAN: Is that what you were firing at?
WILLIAMSON: No. Those mites, I have seen them remove people and objects from this mortal plane. Wait, wait, they return!


[Royal Albert Dock]

DOCTOR [OC]: Right, stay put, don't move. I'm coming in. Quantum disruption not exactly helping, but you should be safe from those particles here. I'm trying to hide you, but you keep fidgeting out of your Time stream. I'm over here. Hang on, pushing through. Wait.
DAN: It's not me. The world keeps moving.
DOCTOR: I'm hiding you here in your own Time stream while I try and get the Mouri into place. But it's hard. I mean, borderline impossible. Time is breaking, hunting down anomalies, which means there's a problem. Another problem. A lot of problems. Not that I want to worry you, cos I don't, but I have. So, sorry. I'll fix this. Just don't disappear...


[Sector coordinates: 17GT5 XN 9YRP]

BEL [OC]: Good news. I found a ship. One lone ship. The last relic of the Lupari, who seem to have just vanished from their home galaxy. Do you think the Flux got them, too? Anyway, we got out the space port before it blew up, made it through the outer barriers of the Dalek Sector without being exterminated, just. There are bodies and wreckage everywhere. It feels like the last days of the universe. And here I am, still doing what I do best, piloting a ship. Only now I'm watching planets crumble, and space lanes fill with debris. Who'd have thought that one thing could do so much damage?


[Planet surface]

BEL [OC]: And any time I think we've found a brief sanctuary, life proves me wrong. Because apparently this is the Cyber Sector now. Cyber Armies ransacking what's left, converting the few who remain, and in the dark moments I think... the bad guys have won. But I know what you'd say. Challenges are temporary, life is constant.
BEL: Don't overthink it, just move forward.
BEL [OC]: And I can still hear you telling me that. So I am. We are. Me and Tigmi, moving forward.
(A happy face icon on a screen, hearts for eyes.)
BEL [OC]: Hoping that you're right. Hoping we'll see you soon. And I'm ignoring the creature in a bar who told me Atropos is falling, the Mouri are compromised, and Time is beginning to run wild. Because if the Flux is eroding space, and Time is breaking down, then what hope do we ever have of finding each other again?


[Space station]

GRAND SERPENT: Take in that view. You know who would never get in here? Frey Sampor. Cos they don't let losers in. You have two tasks as guardian of the Grand Serpent. Protect me, and record the meeting so there's no... misunderstandings later. Our guest today comes seeking a deal. The Alforia want an alliance where we shelter them under our security protocols. In return, they provide our population with food and safety for generations to come.
VINDER: Everybody wins.
GRAND SERPENT: What did you say?
VINDER: I mean, I can see... that there are benefits for both sides.
GRAND SERPENT: Oh. You can see that. You understand this.
VINDER: Supremacy, I didn't mean...
GRAND SERPENT: You want my seat? Do you want to be me, hmm?
VINDER: I was only expressing solidarity, Supremacy. My apologies.
GRAND SERPENT: I don't need solidarity from a grunt. What I need is for you to be silent and do as you're ordered.
VINDER: Understood.
GRAND SERPENT: They've docked. Be ready.
VINDER [OC]: I don't want to relive this.
VINDER: I don't want to relive this. Yaz, again? What are you doing here?
(The figure in the background stays silent.)


[Living room]

SONYA: Come on, you are so bad at this.
YASMIN: I don't even like playing video games.
SONYA: Nobody calls them video games.
YASMIN: Whatever you wanna call them, I'm not good at them.
SONYA: But you're helping me, cos this lad ain't gonna look at me if I don't know my way around a controller. I'm going to learn to be ace at this, so the next time I'm in a room with him, he's going to look at me and think, who's the sexy girl with the nimble fingers?
YASMIN: No human being is ever gonna look at you and think those words. (Sonya turns into the Doctor.)  All right, I'm super freaking out now.
DOCTOR: To save you and that lad on Atropos - who I've not even met yet - from being overwhelmed by Time, I took it upon myself to jump into one of the burned out Mouris' place, to divert you from having to absorb the Time Force.
YASMIN: But if Time would've overwhelmed me, what's it gonna do to you?
DOCTOR: Yeah, well, I've got a bit more practice, not to mention an entirely different biology. Me and the Mouri are connected. We're hiding you - all of you - in your own Time streams. In your own memories, past, present or even future.
SONYA: What you looking at me like that for?
DOCTOR: Oh, sorry. I'm split across multiple events, multiple Time streams. I can't be constant. Multiple crises and I'm still trying to work out the plan. You're camouflaged here, because this is where you belong. The best place to hide you all is in your own lives.
YASMIN: Except it's not. These things haven't happened to me. This isn't my house. The details are wrong.
DOCTOR: Yes, I think there's something wrong with your Time stream. Yaz. (A Weeping Angel is on the TV screen, in the video game.)  Don't blink. There are Angels disrupting your Time stream.
YASMIN: It's stalking me. (It gets bigger on the screen.)  Ah! What is it?!
DOCTOR: Quit the game. (It appears in the room.)  You have to keep your eyes on it. If the Angel gets you, it will propel you back in Time. I won't know where you are. You could be lost forever and I won't be able to find you. Yaz, I'm being pulled away...
(Yasmin pulls the power lead out and smashes the console. The Angel vanishes.)
SONYA: Do you want me to be single forever?


[Time Storm]

DOCTOR: No. Come on, Doctor. You're in here for a reason. Fix the future, fix Atropos, protect Yaz and that lad. Ah! I'm being pulled away again, dragged back to Atropos in the past.


[Inner Temple]

DOCTOR: Of course you've made yourselves thrones. You've no shame.
OLD SWARM: Only pride. You should know that by now.
DOCTOR: Surrender now and your sentences will be merciful. Banishment... or execution.
AZURE: Surrender? To the four of you?
DOCTOR: Don't underestimate me.
OLD SWARM: It's a difficult moral high ground you occupy. If you don't stop killing things, we'll kill you?
DOCTOR: If there's further death or bloodshed, your punishments will be worse.
FUGITIVE: Erasure of identity.
DOCTOR: Isolation prison terms for the infinite duration of the universe.
OLD SWARM: Working for the Division must be so compromising.
DOCTOR: You've already lost. I'm just trying to reason with you.
OLD SWARM: How can we have lost with so many hostages? You understand what Passenger is?
DOCTOR: The Passenger is a long forbidden form.
FUGITIVE: Barred from this dimension for good reason.
OLD SWARM: A thing of beauty. A holding entity able to store what it has captured within. A living prison with endless capacity. Hundreds of thousands of life forms locked away within each Passenger. Five Passengers, millions of lives.
FUGITIVE: Kept a list, have you? Kept the numbers?
(Swarm destroys the Passenger.)



VINDER: One Passenger destroyed. We need the Mouri now.
DAN: I'm trying.


[Inner Temple]

OLD SWARM: You think we would cower before the Division when we have taken control of its dirty secret? A planet called Time. Thinking this could bring the Dark Times to an end. Time is not controllable, Doctor. It will not do as other beings bid.
DOCTOR: It will.
FUGITIVE: It must.
OLD SWARM: Here we are, still engaged in the Founding Conflict. There is no greater battle than this, the battle between Time and Space. And Time shall not lose. Time shall never surrender to Space. No planetary mass, however sophisticated, can imprison the force of Time. This planet, this construction, is not just a fallacy, not just futile hubris, it is heresy.
AZURE: And see how many lives it has cost.
DOCTOR: Keep away from it.
(Azure destroys another Passenger.)



YASMIN: That's the second. It's a massacre in there.
VINDER: We can't let her lose any more.
DAN: The Mouri are ready.


[Inner Temple]

DAN [OC]: The Mouri are connected.
DOCTOR: Oh. Is that Passenger meant to glow like that?
AZURE: Mouri.
OLD SWARM: Tell me you did not bring them here.
DOCTOR: You were warned.
OLD SWARM: They shall not have this!
DOCTOR: You know the thing about Passenger form? You'd better be sure you know where they've been or everything that's held inside them, maybe even hidden, ready to be summoned. Cos that one's ours. Infiltrated your temple, substituted for one of yours, and inside waiting for my command...
FUGITIVE + DOCTOR: Out you come, Mouri. This is your time.
AZURE: No! The Mouri must not be allowed back in. They are banished! Time is not their prisoner!
DOCTOR: (comms) Stasis fields, now.
(Yasmin and Vinder rush in, firing their honking great guns, while Dan uses a Lupari weapon to form energy cages around Swarm and Azure. )
OLD SWARM: We shall not be contained!
DAN: (comms) Get them transported out of here, now.
(The cages and contents are transmatted away.)
VINDER: Mission accomplished, boss.


[Time Storm]

DOCTOR: Yes. I need your help. You and me together, we save my friends in the future by replicating what happened in the past. Same problem, same solution. Embed yourselves in the Temple as you did before. The Passenger is there. We need four of you to replace the burned-out Mouri. Let four be waiting. You have to do this or Time will fracture across all of the space. Please.


[Sector Coordinates: 21CZ4 TN 179QP]

(Flying a spaceship.)
BEL: Come on. Come on, make hyper for me. Whoooo! Oh, I miss that rush. (Her little device beeps.)  Yeah. How you doing, Tigmi? Huh? (Heart rate monitor.) Slightly elevated, but that's to be expected, right? Right, I'm hoping the nav charts are up-to-date. They are, but they're not good. The Dalek Empire expanding over here. Sontarans starting to spread over here. And us, exiting the Cyber Zone as fast as we can. (Thud!)  Wait, what's that? Did we make it out or...? (Door is blown in.) Guess not.
CYBERMAN: Prepare to convert organic life forms.
BEL: Yeah? Convert this.
(With two weapons, she takes out Cybermen as they march in two by two until one weapon glitches and one Cyberman is left. She rolls and gets its glowing blue disc. It crashes to the deck. She rolls it over, its blue disc is still flashing.)
BEL: How many Cybermen in this part of the galaxy?
CYBERMAN: 7,000,313,409.
BEL: I like our odds, Tigmi. So what is happening to Time? I mean, I get what happened with the Flux, but something has started affecting Time.
CYBERMAN: Correct. Flux event affected the planet Time. Temporal centre cannot hold.
BEL: I have no idea what that means, but it doesn't sound good. Okay, so what is the strategic aim of the Cyber race post-Flux?
CYBERMAN: Secure territorial advance. Convert all organic life forms remaining.
BEL: And then what?
CYBERMAN: We shall command. We shall rule.
BEL: Over what? There's barely anything left. The universe is disappearing.
CYBERMAN: All that is left shall be ours. The Cyber victory shall be ultimate.
BEL: It shall be hollow. Pointless. So you guys, Daleks and Sontarans, all fighting for the spoils as if nothing has changed. In the end, it'll come down to you fighting each other and wiping each other out. Actually, that's quite a good thing.
CYBERMAN: What is your mission?
BEL: What?
CYBERMAN: What is your mission?
BEL: I'm one person, out here in the broken universe. My mission doesn't impinge on you.
CYBERMAN: I must record.
BEL: Fine. Just put... love.
CYBERMAN: Incorrect.
BEL: What?
CYBERMAN: Love is not a mission. Love is an emotion. Emotions are not missions.
BEL: And that's why you're dead on floor, and I put you there. (shoots it again) Love is the only mission, idiot. (to Tigmi) Right? (Happy face, heart.)  I'm gonna get us to where we need to be and who we need to be with. That's my promise to you.



GRAND SERPENT: Thank you, my valued Alforian friends. Well, it looks like we've come to an agreement, on one condition. You can stop the recording now, Vinder.
VINDER: Supremacy, I'm duty-bound...
GRAND SERPENT: Shut it off. Was my order unclear?
VINDER: Stopping recording, sir.
GRAND SERPENT: You're sheltering a number of dissidents on Alforus Extant. I'm going to give you a list of nine people. Five of them are to be returned to us to face justice. They must face the consequences for their treasonous actions. The other four... The other four are family members of my dear opponent and vocal critic, Frey Sampor. They need to have an accident. It's important they're involved in an unexpected tragedy. Natural disaster. Landslide. Hunting accident. You decide. You don't need to tell me. But they have to die. And those are my final conditions.



YASMIN: And you want to make this official?
VINDER: They're dead. You saw the reports. An accident on the lunar range.
YASMIN: You want to report that the Grand Serpent is responsible?
VINDER: It was his condition for the alliance.
YASMIN: There's no evidence on the recording.
VINDER: No. He asked me to stop the recording.
YASMIN: What do you want to achieve here, Commander Vinder?
VINDER: He needs to be held to account.
YASMIN: You understand this report will reach him, if filed?
VINDER: There are processes, though, right? Other people see it. There are whistle-blower protocols.
YASMIN: Established by the Grand Serpent. Have you spoken to your family about any of this?
VINDER: No. You're the first, as my commanding officer. I took an oath. I swore my loyalty to our constitution. Not to any one person. To something bigger, more important.
YASMIN: So, here's a choice. I can submit this... or I can not submit this.
VINDER: Don't make me relive this bit. People need to know the truth. Submit it.
YASMIN: Sit down, Commander.


[Observation Outpost Rose]

VINDER: Hi. It's me. I won't be coming back off tour when I expected. It may be a lot longer before I see you again. Now I don't want you to worry, but there was an incident. I was immediately reposted. Look, I can't say any more, because... I'm sorry. I was doing the right thing. I'm permitted one message, I hope it gets to you. I love you.


[Inner Temple]

VINDER: Time's correcting. I'll file the report for Division.
DOCTOR: I've seen that before.
KARVINISTA: Oi. You know the rules. Don't touch what you can't afford.
DOCTOR: We know each other.
DAN: Temporal hazing's getting to the boss again.
VINDER: Time to move.
YASMIN: Bring the Passengers. We'll extract the hostages back onboard the ship.


[Time Storm]

MOURI: We have done as you asked, Doctor. We have returned four Mouri to your Time. Now you must return. You must not linger in your own Time stream.
DOCTOR: Not yet. Not just yet.
MOURI: The force of Time will break you.
DOCTOR: But this is my only chance to find out more.
MOURI: More?
DOCTOR: Who I was. Who I am. It's all in here, if I can just find it.
MOURI: Your body is breaking, Doctor. We can sense it. You must leave.
DOCTOR: One more memory. One more piece of my past. Let me have some... some explanation.
MOURI: You will die in here.
DOCTOR: Just give me something! Give me the end. Give me the end of what I was in...
DOCTOR: You can't force me out!



AWSOK: Stop fighting now, Doctor.
DOCTOR: Who are you? Where am I?
AWSOK: You think you can navigate all those Time streams without anyone noticing? You're fighting a lost cause. You need to stop.
DOCTOR: Lost causes are my speciality.
AWSOK: Not this time. There'll be no glory awaiting you on this one.
DOCTOR: You seem to think you're very well informed.
AWSOK: I'm telling you, the damage to Time is already done. As intended.
DOCTOR: Intended?
AWSOK: Hmm. The Flux event was spatial. But it was possible it wouldn't be enough. The Ravagers, Swarm and Azure, are rare and useful creatures. Now they have been reintroduced. Think of them as a temporal poison, or contagion.
DOCTOR: I'm sorry, I'm normally very good at keeping up with things, but you lost me quite early on. Where are we? And how do you know me and I don't know you?
AWSOK: Always the wrong questions. This universe is over, Doctor, hmm?
DOCTOR: And you get to call it, do you?
AWSOK: Everything has its time. Nothing is forever. Nothing is certain. Not you and not this universe you seem to love so much.
DOCTOR: This universe is home to innumerable species and lifeforms.
AWSOK: Don't lecture me, Doctor. Not when you should look to yourself. The Flux wasn't an accident. It wasn't a naturally occurring event. It was made. It was placed.
AWSOK: Because of you.
DOCTOR: What are you talking about?
AWSOK: All is ending. And don't come looking for this. You can go.
DOCTOR: I will not go.


[Inner Temple]

DOCTOR: No, no, no. Put me back, put me back. I want to go back in there. I have to get back in!
YASMIN: Doctor, it's okay.
DOCTOR: It's not okay! Not for me! You don't understand anything.
YASMIN: All right.
DOCTOR: I had a chance while it was broken.
VINDER: Well, it's not now. The Mouri, they're all back.
YASMIN: You saved our lives.
SWARM: Well done, Doctor. Did you have fun in there, discovering the past you've lost? You may have forgotten, but we did not.
AZURE: We brought you here knowing what you would do. This is only the beginning.
(The turquoise swarm.)
DAN: I've seen this stuff before.
SWARM: Particles of the Time Force. Tiny fragments of temporal destruction which will erode whatever they touch. You may have repaired, but Time was unleashed for long enough. The damage is done. And if the Flux wrecked Space, then we have disrupted the flow of Time, however briefly.
DAN: No, you haven't. And we're gonna stop you, right? Right, Doctor?
SWARM: Dan Lewis. We have something of yours. You're not the only one who can hide things in Passenger, Doctor.
DIANE: Where am I now?
DAN: Di.
DIANE: Dan. I can't get to you.
DAN: What happened to you? What're you doing here?
DOCTOR: Stay there, Dan.
DAN: I've gotta get her.
DOCTOR: You can't. You mustn't.
DAN: Course I can. Get off me.
DOCTOR: Do as you're told. You have no idea what you're dealing with, I do. Stay there.
VINDER: I'll help you get her back. Promise.
SWARM: No, she's our toy now.
(Azure laughs.)
DOCTOR: What do you want?
SWARM: To reign in hell.
(He snaps his fingers and three Passengers disintegrate.)



(On the way along the corridor, the Doctor looks for her Fugitive reflection, but sees only herself. They reach the Tardis.)
VINDER: Sorry, what is this?
YASMIN: Stick your head in. Go on.



(The door opens in the floor.)
VINDER: What?!



VINDER: Is this a Tardis? It is, isn't it? I didn't even think these were real. Wait, this can get me home after all this time. Can I pilot it? Will you show me?
YASMIN: No. Get in.
DAN: Doctor, seriously. We can't leave here without her.
DOCTOR: She's not here, Dan. But we'll get her back, I promise. We'll get Vinder home, we'll rescue Diane, we'll find out who's behind the Flux, and what it's got to do with me.
YASMIN: Why would it have anything to do with you?
DOCTOR: Does everything have to be a discussion? Go on. In.
TRIANGLE: Did you repair? Can you repair?
DOCTOR: I really hope so.



(Under a viaduct.)
VINDER: (hologram) I'm sorry. I was doing the right thing. I'm only permitted one message. I hope it gets to you. I love you.
BEL: I love you, too. Don't we, Tigmi? You know, we'll break it if it we watch it too many more times. I wonder if he looks different. We're coming, Vinder. We waited, and now we're looking and we're close. We'll be there soon. Me and your beautiful as yet unborn child.


[Planet surface]

DAN: This is your home?
VINDER: It was. Looks like the Flux ripped through here, too. (The place is in ruins, but not disintegrated.)
DOCTOR: I can take you anywhere.
VINDER: No. I have to find someone.
DAN: Mate, it's a lost cause.
VINDER: No. I know she would've been here. I need to find her.
(The Doctor gives Vinder a mobile phone.)
DOCTOR: Stay in touch. Whenever you need us, press 0. It's a direct line to us. Be safe.
(The Doctor, Dan and Yasmin go back inside the Tardis and it dematerialises.)
VINDER [OC]: I'm back home. I came looking for you, but there's no home left. The Flux took that, too. But I'm not giving up.
BEL [OC]: I'll find you.
VINDER [OC]: Whatever it takes.



(A Weeping Angel appears on Yasmin's smartphone screen. She throws it on the floor.)
YASMIN: Doctor! (The Angel transfers into the Tardis.)  Oh, no.
DAN: That you yelling?
DOCTOR: What's the matter?
DAN: What's that?
DOCTOR: A Weeping Angel. Don't blink.
DAN: Why not?
DOCTOR: Keep your eyes on the Angel. Stay behind by me.
DAN: I think... I think I just blinked.
(The lights flicker.)
YASMIN: It's at the controls. Doctor, what's it doing?
DOCTOR: The Angel has the Tardis.

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