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#13.05 : Survivants du Flux

Tentant de contrer les forces de la masse maléfique, le Docteur, Yaz et Dan font face à des voyages périlleux et à des obstacles apparemment insurmontables dans leur quête de survie.


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Titre VO
Chapter Five : Survivors of the Flux

Titre VF
Survivants du Flux

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Next time : Survivors of the Flux

Next time : Survivors of the Flux


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Kate Stewart est de retour

Kate Stewart est de retour

Yaz et Dan avec le Professeur Jericho (Kevin McNally)

Yaz et Dan avec le Professeur Jericho (Kevin McNally)



Swarm et Azure

Swarm et Azure

Dan Lewis (John Bishop)

Dan Lewis (John Bishop)

Yasmine Khan (Mandip Gill)

Yasmine Khan (Mandip Gill)

Le Professeur Jericho (Kevin McNally)

Le Professeur Jericho (Kevin McNally)

C'est dangereux dans le coin, non ?

C'est dangereux dans le coin, non ?

Yaz cherche des réponses

Yaz cherche des réponses

Mais qu'est ce que c'est que ça ?

Mais qu'est ce que c'est que ça ?


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Cinquième partie de l'arc Flux


Scénariste: Chris Chibnall

Réalisateur: Azhur Saleem



Jodie Whittaker... Docteur

Mandip Gill... Yasmin Khan

John Bishop... Dan

Jacob Anderdon ... Vinder

Kevin McNally ... Professor Jericho

Barbara Flynn ... Tecteun

Craig Parkinson ... Prentis/Grand Serpent

Robert Bathurst ... Farquhar

Craige Els ... Karvanista

Thaddea Graham ... Bel

Sam Spruell ... Swarm

Rochenda Sandall ... Azure

Nadia Albina ... Diane

Nicholas Blane ... Millington

Steve Oram ... Joseph Williamson

Jemma Redgrave ... Kate Stewart

Jonathan Watson ... Commandant Sontarien Stenck

Barbara Fadden ... Ange Pleureur

Isla Moody ... Ange Pleureur

Lowri Brown ... Ange Pleureur

Simon Carew ... Ood

Silas Carson ... Voix du Ood

Guy List ... Waiter

Jonny Mathers ... Passenger

Nicholas Courtney ... Alastair Lethbridge-Stewart (Voix)

Kammy Darweish ... Kumar

George Caple ... Alfie


Références et continuités

  • Kate Stewart fait son retour après sa dernière apparition dans la saison 9 de Doctor Who, Vérité ou conséquences 1 et 2.
  • On découvre enfin pourquoi UNIT a fermé, comme teasé dans l'épisode du Nouvel an Résolution en 2019.
  • L'épisode offre un caméo du Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, joué par Nicholas Courtney, en utilisant l'extrait vidéo : "Lethbridge Stewart here. I want a call to the RAF, please" (Terror of the Autons, 1971).
  • Le général Farquhar fait référence à l'épisode The War Machines (1966).
  • On apprend les origines de la Division.

[Angel Land]

(The Doctor removes her hands from her face and the stone covering falls away. She walks among the ranks of Weeping Angels.)
DOCTOR: Is this what it's like to be you? Is that what you've done? Made me one of you? Except you haven't. What is it, then? A demonstration of strength? Say something! Blinking. Blinking! Tough crowd. What are you, then, prison guards?
ANGEL [OC]: We are conversion.
DOCTOR: Conversion to what?
ANGEL [OC]: We are transport.
DOCTOR: You've encased me in a Weeping Angel-form to transport me somewhere? Why?
ANGEL [OC]: It amused us. You fear us, Doctor. You always have. And now your form is ours. We have dominion over you.
DOCTOR: You're a very smug statue. What have you done with my friends?
ANGEL [OC]: Your friends are marooned where we left them. They are lost.
DOCTOR: My friends are never lost.


[1904 Mexico]

(In period-appropriate clothing, Dan falls through the ceiling of an Aztec temple with a rope tied around his waist, while Yasmin descends properly standing with her foot in a loop.)
YASMIN: That pulley system needs work.
DAN: Yeah.
YASMIN: Hopefully we're in the right place. Let's see if we can match anything to the sketch. Be on the lookout for... (Spears fly across the room, just missing Dan.) ... death traps.
DAN: I was nearly a kebab!
YASMIN: Looking for an offering pot, remember? Both of us.
DAN: I hope he hasn't fallen asleep up... Whoa!
(Dan goes flying up and Jericho descends with a rope around his torso.)
JERICHO: Good afternoon.
YASMIN: He pulled the rope, didn't he?
JERICHO: That was the signal!
YASMIN: And you still haven't figured out how to ballast the counterweight pulley properly.
JERICHO: Almost. It's not entirely my wheelhouse. Oh, this is spectacular.
YASMIN: Oh! Jericho, look. I think I've got it. This is the one. Oh, I'm still not sure about taking it.
JERICHO: It's a discovery. It's our discovery.
(It's a small pot sitting on an altar next to a lit candle. Who lit the candle?)
YASMIN: Strictly speaking, it's theft. If we take it, we have to bring it back once we have it decoded. And reseal the ceiling.
JERICHO: Now, what was it again? One tug or twoooo...? (Up goes Jericho, down comes Dan.)
DAN: Have you got it?
YASMIN: I think so.


[Angel Land]

ANGEL [OC]: We are here. Return to form.
DOCTOR: Where here? Return to what?
(She returns to being a Weeping Angel.)



OOD: Please remain still while quantum realignment stabilises. Do not remove your conversion plate. Follow me. She is waiting.
DOCTOR: Who is? Hello, I'm the Doctor.
AWSOK: I know.
DOCTOR: You. I've met you.
AWSOK: You won't be told, will you?
DOCTOR: It's a defining trait. Who are you and where are we?
AWSOK: This is Division, Doctor. Welcome back.


[1904 Constantinople]

YASMIN: If you can decipher those markings, we should have a date for when the world is going to be in terrible danger.
JERICHO: She's matching the symbols to the ancient panels. We should have a translation soon.
YASMIN: Basically, this pot can decipher the exact date the world is going to end.
(Nearby one man slits another's throat, a fuse is lit.)
DAN: We've been in this decade for three years now. Do you think we'll ever get back?
JERICHO: I find myself marooned a decade before I was born, in a century where I have a little too much knowledge of the atrocities to come.
YASMIN: We've got a task, we have to stick to it.
JERICHO: Can anyone else smell burning?
DAN: Now you come to mention it.
(Yasmin checks behind the curtain divide, spots the bomb.)
YASMIN: Get her out of here, now!
DAN: Everyone get back!
JERICHO: Out this way, away from the imminent explosion.
(Yasmin dumps textiles on the fuse.)
YASMIN: Think that's gonna have to do.
DAN [OC]: Yaz! Get out of here!
YASMIN [OC]: Run! (Explosion.)


[Ocean liner cabin]

JERICHO: If it wasn't for your quick thinking, Miss Khan, we could have all perished in that blast. But who would want to kill us? How do they even know about us? We're simply trying to derive a date from a pot.
YASMIN: We have a partial date, December 5th. But no year. (Knock on door.)
JERICHO: Just one moment! (Whispering.)
DAN: Seriously?
DAN: Every time?
DAN: Why do I have to be the stowaway?
JERICHO: Shut up.
DAN: Can't we take turns? (Dan hides under a bunk.)
JERICHO: Come in! (A steward wheels in a trolley.)
YASMIN: Are you new?
STEWARD: Came aboard for this leg, ma'am. One lump or two, sir?
JERICHO: One, please.
(The steward hits Jericho with the tea pot then tries to strangle Yasmin. She fights him off and he falls over Dan's legs as he comes out of hiding.)
YASMIN: Sit on his legs!
STEWARD: You can't fight the future.
YASMIN: Who sent you? Why are you following us?
DAN: Answer her question or I'll bite your toes!
YASMIN: You're not getting away. No. No! No. Poison capsule, lodged in his tooth.
JERICHO: Self-sacrifice, eh? Jolly good thing, too. I was just about to bop him with his own teapot. Now we have an additional conundrum. We appear to have a dead waiter in our cabin. What if someone walks in?
(Yasmin has discovered a serpent tattoo on the steward's wrist.)
YASMIN: Roll him under the bed for now.
DAN: Hang on, under the bed's where I sleep.
YASMIN: Then come nightfall, when it's quiet, shove his body overboard. What?
JERICHO: You seem remarkably proficient at this, Miss Khan.
YASMIN: There's no use being squeamish. We've got the future to save.



(A gunshot scatters the roosting crows)
FARQUHAR: Good shot! Yes, not making a bad fist of it, for your first time. So, how long did you say you'd been in the area? (The man we've known as the Great Serpent turns around.)
PRENTIS: Not long at all, sir. Back from a prolonged period of service elsewhere. You'll forgive me if I don't say where.
FARQUHAR: Of course, yes. No need to explain. So, what's your field of expertise, Prentis? Can you say, entre nous?
PRENTIS: I fear I may strain your credulity, sir. I specialise in threats that may originate from beyond this Earth. Sightings and events classed as incredible.
PRENTIS: Now I realise that you, as an experienced and much decorated officer, may find that a dubious occupation.
FARQUHAR: No, no, no, no, no. This is quite fortuitous.
PRENTIS: In what way, sir?
FARQUHAR: Well, my new posting. I've been tasked with setting up the British end of a new taskforce funded by the United Nations. Dealing with threats from... well, beyond our understanding.
PRENTIS: Good Lord. What an extraordinary coincidence.
FARQUHAR: Isn't it?
PRENTIS: Although, if I may say, such a taskforce is long overdue.
FARQUHAR: Do you think so? Yes, I must admit, I'm a little at sea. It's not my area of expertise. I'm a military man. This is beyond our normal ken. I mean, where does one start? You wouldn't be interested in running an eye over what we're planning, would you? It has to be good. World-leading.
PRENTIS: Well, I would be honoured to give you any assistance you need, sir. But only if you're sure.
FARQUHAR: Sure? It's a relief! This is my good fortune. An incredible stroke of luck, you being here.
PRENTIS: Isn't it?


[Ocean liner cabin]

(Yasmin activates a decorative egg-shaped device.)
DOCTOR: So, this is an adaptive hologram. Right now, we're in the Tardis, having just left the Planet Time, which should not exist. Still bugging me. I've just pulled you out of your own timestream, cos I'm good at doing stuff like that.
YASMIN: All right, bighead.
DOCTOR: Did you just call me bighead?
BOTH: I bet you did.
DOCTOR: Well, still works even if you didn't. I'm worried about what might happen next. These are primal forces of evil that we're dealing with. Some forces I don't even understand yet. I think I'm at risk, which is why I need to record this and smuggle it into your pocket to say, if we lose each other, if we get separated, don't worry. This will activate two weeks after we've not had contact with each other. I won't know where or when you'll be, or if you're on your own or with Dan or whoever, but this is the task. Earth has been shielded from the Flux, but it'll be vulnerable. It'll become a target. If the Flux is destroying the universe, if planets and stars are being wiped out, there will be displaced creatures who need a home. Somewhere to take over. But that would mean a time of battle for ownership of the Earth. You need to find out where and when that will be. Events like the Flux create ripples through Time. It will have been foreseen somewhere, by some smart people. You need to figure out that date, and help the Earth. That's all I have. I'm sorry it's not more. I'm probably worried for you, if you're hearing this. And I'm sure I miss you.
YASMIN: I miss you too.
DOCTOR: I know you do. I hope you said I miss you too, or else that bit's weird. Oh, hang on. Wait there. I think you're calling me from the control room.
(Hologram ends, Dan and Jericho enter.)
DAN: Job done.
JERICHO: Heavy beggar. He made quite a splash. I can't say I enjoyed that.
DAN: You okay?
YASMIN: Mmm-hmm.
JERICHO: I should ablute. (Takes his sponge bag and leaves.)
DAN: We will see her again. She'll be all right, wherever she is.



DOCTOR: Just tell me, where are we?
AWSOK: You're being very reductive.
DOCTOR: And you're being evasive. A completely transparent power move, and not very effective.
OOD: Systems are under increasing strain.
AWSOK: Go further, Ood. You can push it much further. This is no time for caution.
OOD: Increasing propulsion levels.
AWSOK: Better. Much more like it.
DOCTOR: What is that Ood doing?
AWSOK: Of course, you havea lot of questions. It must be hard to know where to start.
DOCTOR: No, not hard at all. The hard bit is getting you to deign to answer.
AWSOK: So, you'd like to know about Division.
DOCTOR: Yes. Are you in charge of it, or just behaving like you are?
AWSOK: Well, it's complex, but I suppose yes, right now, leadership falls to me.
DOCTOR: Leadership of what, though? What is Division now?
AWSOK: Division is simple, and indescribable. It began on Gallifrey as a group to ensure the safety of our galaxy. As our ability to travel grew and our horizons broadened, Division kept pace. The number of operatives grew.
DOCTOR: And what did these operatives do?
AWSOK: Anything we needed. Guided and shaped events.
DOCTOR: Interfered, in contravention of all Time Lord directives.
AWSOK: Not every civilisation works or is enlightened. Some require help. Some needed to be told. Division assessed and acted accordingly.
DOCTOR: How much did it interfere? How big has it become?
AWSOK: Colossal. Across Space and Time, its influence is unparalleled, its reach is unlimited. All from the shadows. It achieved its aim beyond our wildest dreams. Division is magnificent.
DOCTOR: I don't think having Weeping Angels do your dirty work can be classed as magnificent.
AWSOK: Division recruits across all dimensions, from all species. It had to.
DOCTOR: Then why couldn't I find it? Where are we now? Because I looked far and wide across the universe, and there was nothing.
AWSOK: Of course not. We're not in the universe, Doctor.


[Karvanista's ship]

KARVANISTA: Karvanista to Juverost. Your ship is drifting. You have broken shield unity. You are compromising Earth's protection. Juverost, do you copy? Karvanista to Lupari fleet. Juverost is down, no comms, and their ship is falling out of formation. Earth's shield is now breachable. I'm taking remedial action. One of our craft never responded to Species Recall. We could use that to seal the breach. Locating it now. Got it! That would bridge the gap in the shield.
LUPARI [OC]: Lupari command. Action approved.
KARVANISTA: Why is it there?


[Lupari ship]

BEL: Yeah. See, Tigmi? Who managed to track the only life signals in this sector? I did. Okay, we did. Now, that huge monolith doesn't look foreboding at all. Yeah, but I swore an oath to help those in distress, and this is where the traces from Puzano lead, so... where do we dock without being noticed?
KARVANISTA [OC]: Rogue Lupari craft, this is Lupari Commander. You are disobeying Species Recall. You are in breach. Lupari Command now taking remote charge of your ship.
BEL: No, no, no, no. Don't do that!
KARVANISTA [OC]: Remote hyper will be activated.
BEL: We can't go to hyper, I'm on a mission here!
KARVANISTA [OC]: You are not a Lupar.
BEL: Don't you dare hyperjack me! No!



(Vindar appears.)
VINDAR: Oh, that's rough. Still, no choice. Hyper drive. Someone's in a hurry to get away. (The people from Puzano are standing around beacons, staring.)  Yeah. This is what I was worried about. All the missing.
SWARM: Objects. Your role here is simple. You are Space, and we are Time. You are both our playthings and our power source. (The people disintegrate.)  Can you feel the timeforce growing? It's working just as we planned. We're ready. We can connect with her again.



AWSOK: Let me show you where we are, Doctor. Here is the universe as you know it. Universe One, if you like. And we are here, outside. The Division. The control centre from which all our operatives were directed. And there, beyond Division... the next universe, and the next beyond that. Multiverses. Our terminology became quaint a long time ago. So here we are, outside one universe, on the cusp of many more. A bridge.
DOCTOR: But the dimensional engineering required to build this place, it's incredible. Oh, conversion! That's why conversion plates allow us to exist in form outside the known universe.
AWSOK: Very good. You always were fast at processing everything.
DOCTOR: But it's unstable. Why is it shaking? Unless... It can't be, can it? It's moving?
AWSOK: Exactly. As we near the end of the old universe, Division is moving into the next. The crossing is in progress.
DOCTOR: And this place?
AWSOK: My seed vault. Genetic traces from the previous universe to import into the next. To preserve what will have gone.
DOCTOR: That universe isn't going anywhere.
AWSOK: It's over, Doctor. It has been ever since we let a virus into the experiment.
DOCTOR: What sort of virus?
AWSOK: You. You got out, from Division. And you couldn't leave the universe alone. I blame myself a little, but mostly I blame you. I thought you were manageable. But I had to admit what I always knew deep down. You'd never stop if you rediscovered what Division had done. Morality was always your flaw.
DOCTOR: Morality is a strength.
AWSOK: And when you knew the truth, you'd never stop hounding us.
DOCTOR: So the universe has to end to protect the existence of Division?
AWSOK: Precisely. Which is why we engineered the Flux, shut the universe down and you within it. Except even then you interfere. Disrupting the Flux, just as it came into existence. Throwing yourself and a Tardis in front of it.
DOCTOR: Division created the Flux because you're scared of me?
AWSOK: Not scared. Wary, perhaps.
DOCTOR: How much power do you imagine I have?
AWSOK: You inspire, make people question and rise up. You give them hope. That can be problematic.
DOCTOR: Who even are you?
AWSOK: You don't remember. Hmm, why would you? I think my eyes are the same, even across the regenerations, but you wouldn't know.
DOCTOR: You can't be.
AWSOK: I'm the one who found you. I brought you to Gallifrey and raised you. I'm Tecteun. The woman you used to call Mother.


[MOD UNIT HQ 1967]

FARQUHAR: If I'd known at the beginning that this would occupy nearly a decade of my life, I might have had second thoughts. Whereas you, Prentis, barely look a day older. What's your secret?
PRENTIS: Clear conscience, sir.
FARQUHAR: (laughs) I like that!
STEWART [OC]: Lethbridge Stewart here. I want a call to the RAF, please.
(Terror of the Autons, episode 4 -1971.)
FARQUHAR: That's our new Corporal. Brought him in after we missed the whole thing at the Post Office Tower. He's a shouter, but he's very good. Keeps everyone on their toes.
PRENTIS: The facility is marvellous.
FARQUHAR: Yes. And a 30 year plan for investment. This is a time of great projects, Prentis. National Health Service be damned. UNIT is the project for which the public will be grateful. In here.


[Farquhar's office]

(The Tardis is here.)
PRENTIS: What's that?
FARQUHAR: Hmm? Oh, this is an object we found in a deserted village in Devon. The few residents disappeared overnight and this box was the only anomaly. The constabulary insist it's not theirs, and we can't even get in to it. We're converting the entire village into a military training territory. For safety. Don't want to panic anyone. This, however this is our pride and joy.
(A big magnetic tape-driven computer bank.)
PRENTIS: Yes. It does look... special. Its purpose is to detect non-terrestrial life forms. Turn it on, Jennings, and get that sample spore everyone keeps telling me is not of this Earth. Here we go.
(Farquhar puts one part of a hand-held device to his forehead. A green light comes on.)
FARQUHAR: There. As human as they come. Now you.
PRENTIS: I'd rather you didn't. Radiation. If it's not fully proven...
FARQUHAR: Nonsense. The boffins have been working on this for ages. (Beep. Red light.)  Odd. (checks printout) Very odd.
PRENTIS: My God, General. You really are a fool, aren't you?
FARQUHAR: I beg your pardon?
PRENTIS: How you expect to protect this pitiful race, I do not know.
FARQUHAR: What do you mean? (Farquhar's face distorts as something moves inside him. We finally see the serpent design on Prentis' tie.)  Prentis... !
(Farquhar dies, and a goa'uld symbiote-like creature comes out of his mouth, slithers over to Prentis, up his body and disappears into him.)
PRENTIS: I prefer to be called Grand Serpent. (Jennings reenters) Well, don't just stand there, man. Call a doctor.



OOD: Pattern optimisation in progress. Matter compression increasing. Spatial distribution and destruction analysis now available.
DOCTOR: I know what that Ood is doing. You're generating the final waves of the Flux from here, forcing spatial compression on that universe. You're trying to move this structure into the next universe while you wreck the one you leave behind. No wonder this place feels under so much pressure.
AWSOK: We all need to clear up after ourselves. That's why I had you brought here, to ensure you won't be in the universe to save it.
DOCTOR: So, was what the Master told me true?
AWSOK: Yes. I found you. A lost child, alone, beneath a monument on a deserted planet, seemingly deposited thereby a wormhole. No way back, no one to care for you.
DOCTOR: You took something that didn't belong to you.
AWSOK: I rescued you. Would you prefer to have been left?
DOCTOR: You assumed I came through that wormhole, but you don't know. What if I was waiting there to collected? What if I was supposed to be taken through it? What if whoever left me there was taken by that wormhole?
AWSOK: What if, what if, what if?
DOCTOR: You denied me my life!
AWSOK: I gave you a life. Everything you are is because of me. But I understand. You think you could have been something else, someone else.
DOCTOR: Maybe. I'll never know.
AWSOK: You judge me for giving you the journey of your lifetime. What do you do, Doctor? Pick people up, take them with you? You adopt them, use them, for reassurance, for company. They're your experiments, just as you were mine.
DOCTOR: We are not the same.
AWSOK: This just shows I was right to order your memories erased. Ood, guard her.
OOD: Yes, Tecteun.



(Vinder is trapped by a pair of Passenger-forms.)
SWARM: A friend of the Doctor. Did you not think we would detect you?
VINDER: No, I was pretty sure you could. What are you gonna do about it?
(A Passenger blasts energy at him.)
SWARM: They are so tiny.


[Inside Passenger]

VINDER: Hello? Can anyone hear me?
DIANE: Who are you?
VINDER: I saw you, on Atropos. I was with your friend, Dan. I'm looking for someone myself, but I've got a plan to get you out of here.
DIANE: Finally, someone with a gun. I'm Di, by the way. From Liverpool. And I've got some scores to settle with this lot.


[1904 Nepal]

(Going up a mountain.)
JERICHO: This man is a legendary seer. He's our last best hope in finding out when in history the battle may come, and how we might get there.  (They arrive at a tent where a man sits outside meditating.) Sir. My name is Eustacius Jericho. I am an expert in percipients and visionaries, and in my historic reading I have read much about you and your abilities. We come to you in all humility, as we are in the midst of an extraordinary task, and seek guidance as to what the future holds.
KUMAR: Took you long enough.
JERICHO: I'm sorry?
KUMAR: To get up here. I've been watching you for days. You need to take more exercise. So! What's the gossip from down there? Who's kissed who?
JERICHO: Gossip?
KUMAR: I don't get any up here. I'll take anything.
JERICHO: I mean... I think the telephone's been invented.
KUMAR: Telephone?
JERICHO: Yes, you use it to talk with people, to communicate.
KUMAR: I'm a hermit!
YASMIN: We would've brought a newspaper if we'd known.
KUMAR: You mean you haven't? What about some food? Rope? A pot? The latest Conan Doyle?
DAN: Does seem rude, now you come to mention it.
KUMAR: Aah, I'm teasing you! I knew you wouldn't have anything, really.
JERICHO: Do you have anything for us?
YASMIN: Really?
KUMAR: Aah, I'm teasing you again! I don't get to tease people much. I have three words.
JERICHO: We've climbed all this way for three words?
YASMIN: Go on.
KUMAR: Fetch. Your. Dog.
JERICHO: I beg your pardon?
KUMAR: Fetch your dog.
JERICHO: I don't have a dog. Is that it? Does this make any sense to you?
DAN: And if it did, how do we fetch him?
KUMAR: That's your problem. I don't know.
YASMIN: I have an idea.


[1904 Great Wall of China]

(Our heros scale the Wall, chop down a load of bamboo and start splashing white paint around on a stone ground.)
JERICHO: I hope it looks all right. I don't suppose we'll ever know, really.
(Zoom out to reveal that above and below the Wall are the words - Karvanista! Dan is here - 1904 Fetch your human!)


[Karvanista's ship]

(Karvanista's ship picks up the image)
KARVANISTA: What the rayfax is that? I don't have time travel, you idiot. Oh, humans are so annoying. Especially him.



DOCTOR: Ood, Ood, Ood, quick, quick, quick. Don't have long, need your help.
OOD: I am unable to provide assistance. My service is to Division and Tecteun.
DOCTOR: I'm right, aren't I? You're generating spatial compression, the final Flux events, from here. Mate, we have to stop this.
OOD: Prevention is in contravention of instructions. It is also impossible. Flux culmination is already in progress.
DOCTOR: Show me while she's not here.
OOD: I am prevented from...
DOCTOR: I know. I know you are. But aren't you worried? Aren't you scared for your own kind? Because that universe is full of Ood. The universe, the matter that is being compressed by you, that's where your people live. And I don't know how or when you became part of this, but I can stop this. I can save them. I'm the one.
OOD: You cannot. It is too late.
DOCTOR: It's never too late. I'm very good at pulling rabbits out of hats.
OOD: I have no rabbits.
DOCTOR: It's a metaphor.
OOD: Or hats.
DOCTOR: Honestly, it doesn't matter. Just show me, quick smart, before she comes back. Oh! Thank you, thank you, Ood. We can sort this. Sorry, which part of the universe is this?
OOD: All of it.
DOCTOR: No, there's nowhere near enough of it.
OOD: This is all that remains. The first Flux event destroyed many galaxies.
DOCTOR: But it doesn't make sense. It's not centred correctly. The erasure, the compression all looks like it's moving in from the outside, all to one place.
OOD: That is Earth. Earth will be the ultimate apex of destruction. It is designed that way.
DOCTOR: But what has been compressed can be decompressed, uncompressed, cos I'm thinking, those transport pads, this power source, reversing the polarity of the conversion plates, I can stop this and get out of here before she kills me, cos we both know that's where this is heading. And what is that noise? That whispering?
OOD: I cannot hear it.
DOCTOR: It's coming from over here. How can you not hear that?
(There is an ornate fob watch under a glass dome.)
AWSOK: I see you've found it.


[Dining hall]

PRENTIS: To your many decades of public service. And a very happy retirement.
MILLINGTON: Huh. I'd be there till I dropped if it was down to me. Still, the appointment of my successor is within my gift.
PRENTIS: About that. I've been considering throwing my own hat in the ring.
PRENTIS: Chair of the UNIT Oversight Committee would be perfect for me. I've been around it a long time.
MILLINGTON: People don't like you, Prentis.
PRENTIS: Is that right?
MILLINGTON: Not sure why. I've always found you relatively personable. Although you're rarely around. You just seem to pop up whenever it suits.
PRENTIS: My charitable foundation and research takes me all over the world.
MILLINGTON: Then you've enough to occupy you. You don't need to be looking over all UNIT operations.
PRENTIS: No, but I'd consider it an honour.
MILLINGTON: Don't be a bore, Prentis. You will be chair of the UNIT Oversight Committee over my dead body.



(Millington leaves a small cottage that couldn't have possibly contained that university-sized dining hall and gets into his waiting car.)
MILLINGTON: Oh! Turn the heating down, Symonds. It's like the reptile house in here.
PRENTIS: That's rather the point. There was a time, far, far away, when I used to have people and empires to do this for me. They're all long gone now. But I've learned that nothing really beats the personal touch.
(A goa'uld symbiote comes out of Millington's body and returns to its master.)


[Ocean liner cabin]

DAN: Still no response from the dog.
YASMIN: And still no Doctor.
(Cabin door opens and a man walks through.)
DAN: Oi, what are you doing?
WILLIAMSON: A ship? A ship at sea?
JERICHO: I'll call a steward.
DAN: Wait. I know you. We've met. In a tunnel?
YASMIN: I've met you too, on Atropos.
WILLIAMSON: What do you know of my tunnels?
DAN: Not a lot. Time was going mad.
WILLIAMSON: Do you call me mad, sir? Joseph Williamson, the mad mole. You take their side.
DAN: You're Joseph Williamson?
WILLIAMSON: Who else would I be, sir? And it seems I must find my own way out of this infernal puzzle. Those cursed shifting doorways!
(Slams door behind him. Dan opens it and looks down the corridor.)
DAN: He's gone. How did he do that? Joseph Williamson. Don't you see?
DAN: The Williamson tunnels. They're a tourist thing. They're being excavated in my time. If he keeps turning up in all these different places and times... we've got to find him. That's where we have to go.


[1904 Liverpool]

ALFIE: Yeah, me grandad used to work for him. He told me all sorts of things, you know, about what he built down there. He reckoned there's dining halls, bedrooms, the lot. Someone even said there's an army down there.
DAN: So what's happened to the tunnels since his death?
ALFIE: It's all shut down. All the work stopped. It's ancient history now.
YASMIN: Alfie, would you know how we'd get access to any part of them?
ALFIE: Oh, I wouldn't go down there, Miss. It's dangerous. And also some folk say he still walks the tunnels. Wouldn't want a pretty girl like you seeing any ghosts.
YASMIN: This pretty girl can look after herself. It's these two you've got to worry about.


[Williamsons Tunnels]

YASMIN: How many hours is that now?
DAN: Six and a quarter. We're running out of twine and lamp fuel.
JERICHO: We are searching for a ghost to explain the improbability of Space and Time. We should not be surprised if we don't find it.
DAN: O ye of little faith. It's him! I'll go over. One Scouser to another.
YASMIN: Hey, Dan. Are you from Liverpool? Why have you never mentioned it?
DAN: All right, Sheffield, keep your cutlery on. All right, mate. Can I just check... ? You're not a ghost, are you? (gets slapped) Ow!
WILLIAMSON: Was that ghostly, sir? Did you feel it?
DAN: You're lucky I don't give you one back.
WILLIAMSON: What do you want?
YASMIN: In a nutshell, we believe the fabric of Space and Time is under threat, and that Earth is about to be under attack, but we're not sure when, where or who from, and we need to find others who can help us stop it happening.
WILLIAMSON: Finally. Finally! I have been at my wits' end. I have so much to show you. There's so little time! Come, come, come, come.



DOCTOR: A Galifreyan device for the protecting and storage of memories and identities. Of course you kept them, the memories you took from me.
AWSOK: A good scientist never throws away their workings. We had them quantum stored for a long time in the Weeping Angel who tracked you and betrayed you, but don't worry, it didn't escape. Everything has been transferred now, stored in that fob watch.
DOCTOR: How much was lost? How many lives? How many people have I been? Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands?
AWSOK: What would you give to know? What if I offered you a choice? You can return to the dying universe you left, defend it from its inevitable destruction and fail, or rejoin Division. Rejoin me. Come with us into the next universe, into the beyond. Help me build! With your memories restored. Be complete again. The next universe holds the other end of the wormhole where I found you. That universe may be where you're from, where you began. Your origins, perhaps. Think of the discoveries that would await us both there. A new start.
DOCTOR: If you really knew me, you'd know I'd never agree to any of this, no matter how strong the incentive.
AWSOK: What if I left the Earth? What if we let your friends live?


[2017 London]

PRENTIS: As you know, I've been fighting UNIT's corner, your corner, for a while. But these are turbulent times, Kate. I'm afraid this is the moment we must concede defeat.
KATE: That's not a phrase that sits well in my family, or UNIT itself.
PRENTIS: Nevertheless, UNIT's operations will be wound down forthwith.
KATE: I see you. I see you, whatever you are, hiding in plain sight for so long, barely ageing. You're gambling that nobody cares, that nobody looks at UNIT any more. But I care, more than anyone. So I dug deep, past the tampered archives and doctored photographs, past the deleted incidents, altered names, changes to reports from the past five decades. Altered because it's impossible you were there. And impossible how so many people quietly, accidentally died. And it all suggested to me... a non-terrestrial lifeform with hostile intent. Possibly one with the ability To move in Time. How long has all this taken you? A week? A day?
PRENTIS: You must be feeling very tired, Kate.
KATE: Oh, by the way, you should know I'm wearing a psychic manifest shield. So whatever you conjured to suffocate the others from the inside won't work on me. This taskforce has been many lifetimes' work for me and my family. I will not let it be sabotaged from within.
PRENTIS: You really need to calm down, Kate.
KATE: I am the head of UNIT, and if you don't stop this, I will expose you. And I shan't hesitate to call in a favour from someone you really don't want to argue with. Do we understand each other?
(Outside her house, Kate Lethbridge Stewart puts the key in the lock, hears the beeps and runs just before the door is blown outwards. She makes a phone call.)
KATE: Osgood, I have to go dark.
(Then she destroys her phone.)


[2021 - Lupari ship]

KARVANISTA [OC]: Karvanista to rogue Lupari craft. I have brought you out of hyper and you will be aligned with the Lupari shield. So listen up, whoever you are. I know you stole that ship. I know you're not a Lupar, and I'm giving you to the count of one to evacuate because I'm coming on board. One.
BEL: Uh-oh.
KARVANISTA: I know you're here. I have your scent. Surrender now or die. Show yourself, coward! (They exchange weapons fire.)
BEL: What did you call me?
KARVANISTA: Coward! (Whoosh, the ship rocks, alarm sounds.)
BOTH: What was that? Was that you?
LUPARI [OC]: This is Lupari Command. All ships, we are under attack!


[Williamsons Tunnels]

WILLIAMSON: This is where I have endeavoured to make sense of it all. This chamber is the heart of my excavation project. I have attempted to build defences here, for humanity, against the destruction to come.
JERICHO: Er... there are labels on each doorway. (Watery ocean; Endless cities of steel, firebolts.)
WILLIAMSON: Precisely, sir. A dozen doorways, a dozen worlds. Except the past few days have changed everything.
WILLIAMSON: Since All Hallows' Eve, all is flux. Some of the doorways have changed. They are gateways to places I have never seen. Fraught with danger. Especially doorway nine. Do not touch doorway nine. (Doorway 9: Death! Rays of Death. Never open!)
JERICHO: Any particular reason?
WILLIAMSON: Death, sir. Endless death!
JERICHO: Oh, that's... that's persuasive.
WILLIAMSON: I hoped I could save everyone. Now I fear I cannot save anyone.
(Banging on the doorways.)
YASMIN: Does that happen often?
WILLIAMSON: It's never happened before.


[Lupari ship]

BEL: Whoever it is, they're about to get in.
KARVANISTA: All comms down between all Lupari ships in the shield. I can't raise anyone. Shielding's been negated. It's all been turned off.
BEL: You hyperjacked me for this? Some race you are.
KARVANISTA: But who's boarding us? Why?


[2021 Prentis' office]

PRENTIS: It's time. Lower all defences. Arm all weapons. Ensure all missile systems are aimed inwards at the planet's surface. You have the list of target cities?


[UNIT Ops]

WOMAN: (with serpent tattoo) Yes, sir. Of course, sir.


[Prentis' office]

PRENTIS: Everything is in place. Do we have an agreement?
STENCK [hologram]: The proposal is acceptable. Now, let us make war! The forces of Sontar have revenge to exact!
PRENTIS: Be my guest.


[Lupari ship]

(Sontaran ships appear above the shield.)
SONTARAN: Destroy all Lupari! The Lupari must die!


[Williamsons Tunnels]

SONTARAN: Kill all resistance! Sontar-ha!



DOCTOR: Listen to me. I'm gonna save my friends. I'm gonna save that universe. And I'm gonna destroy Division. So hold on to that hat, because you, me, and the end of the universe -it's personal now. And I'm gonna win.
AWSOK: How did you get here?
SWARM: The psycho-temporal bridge I've been building, powered by the energy we harvested from the lifeforms of that universe, to you, Doctor. Right from the start. All it took was a little Time. And all for this, to get beyond any one universe, to find Division, to get revenge on those who imprisoned us so long ago. To take them all.
AWSOK: You don't belong here.
AZURE: Say thank you, Doctor.
DOCTOR: What for?
AZURE: We could heal this pain of yours so easily.
SWARM: You released me. Now I release you.
DOCTOR: No, no, no, don't touch her!
(Awsok Tecteun disintegrates.)
SWARM: Now, Doctor... you.

Final Chapter: The Vanquishers.

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